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Healthy pancakes

Healthy pancakes

Healthy pancakes

The dosage is extremely important and must be followed exactly! 😉

Products for about 11-12 pancakes:

  • about 2 eggs;
  • about 3 cups water (tea cups – 200-250 ml);
  • about 2 cups (tea cups – 200-250 ml) of flour (of which about 1/3 whole wheat or spelled);
  • about 1 tablespoon of potassium salt or whatever you have;
  • about 1 cup of porridge (officially named “Oat-apple drink”);
  • about 4 tablespoons Formula 1 shake “Vanilla” (if you do not currently shake “Vanilla” and use another, perhaps better solution is to add about 1-2 vanillin powder, too);
  • a little olive oil.

There is also a picture of the main products. If you ask why is this image of beans, hardly anyone can tell. Not used in their preparation. I put it there to sharpen and test your attention and completeness of composition.

Will be required and a blender or mixer and very likely – pan.

In blender pour water first and then add all the other products in the desired sequence. Diversity can each time to change the sequence. But the water seems best to be the first, or left unstirred mixture in the blender jar.

Stirring the mixture. Why you had to pour in a blender for any reason?

You should get something like a thick boza. If you can add more water. Carefully.

Do not remove the lid of the blender while stirring. Cleaning the walls of such a mixture is not very easy…

After stirring the mixture well, if someone other washes the dishes, it can be transferred into another vessel and take appropriate ladle. If you wash the dishes by yourself, you can pour the mixture directly from the blender jar (but remove it from the base engine – that weighs).

The pan greased with olive oil. Personally, I dribble a little and blurry with paper towels. Or dribble of household paper and then blur. Smeared it well, not just the bottom, but the side (at least easily washable). But on the inside, otherwise smoke too much. You could dribble and blurry with olive oil and the ceiling above the stove, but now better do not.

It is very important not later than that time you turn off Facebook or best Internet entirely.
It is very important not later than that time you turn off Facebook or best Internet entirely.

Pour the mixture into pan as you tilt and rotate until it covers only the bottom. Avoid pour stove, hood and other surrounding objects.

Fried pancakes (it is almost baking) of “low heat”. We prefer gas, so that we care about environment and therefore damp burner “to the hole.” But still have burning. And you can do so, if you use gas. Experiment!

Bake (or frying) mixture until you change color (darken). Its color should not become black, then it will be too late – only darken. When it come off of pan. Then you can pan tilt forward and down and move it to slide the pancake forward, then abruptly tossed the pancake up to flip it. In this decisive moment may regret that you are not greased baking tray with olive oil – if you make the movement too sharp and strong, pancakes may stick to it. But we hope that no one is watching and will scrape off smoothly. The next pancake will be more successful.

So - 12 times. Or just until the mixture over.
So – 12 times. Or just until the mixture over.

Who is doing standard pancakes, can use all murafeti he learned from his own practice. In most cases are applicable.

It is very important what mood and what clothes make pancakes. Better solution is an apron only (if that breakfast will be shared with someone who still lolling in bed). But this next picture works.

Comfortable uniform for making pancakes
Comfortable uniform for making pancakes



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