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Guide for abbreviations of management positions

Guide for abbreviations of management positions

Guide for abbreviations of management positions

Sometime ago a “big brother”, now another big brother…

Born to CEO, his forehead wrote it ;-)
Born to CEO, his forehead wrote it 😉

We just learned what what is the meaning of “Goroubso”, “KrushSlivDyulPrasPlod” or “KifBanMekGevrekSnab” in our daily lives invaded new cuts. Not so new, yet few people know what exactly what it means.

CEO, CIO, CSA… those were some “boss” positions. No, do not search our payroll table – none.

C – e – o , c – i – o, c – s – a – like sound… so sometimes even almost “indecent.”

Do not confuse SEO and SEO – “C – e – o” or CEO (Chief Executive Officer) is General Manager and “s – e – o” or SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – website optimization for search engines or have them bluntly “search engines.”

Bosses “owners” of these cuts live in a different world. Ignorance of these “codes” you rejected immediately outside and stay without attention… maybe exactly when you most need it.

Accurate translation of these positions is difficult, sometimes almost impossible. Great bosses usually do not have job descriptions that get down. Dictionaries also is not very clear. We can not understand, for example, whether the CEO is similar to our “executive manager”, “general manager”, “manager” and which of them most accurately .

Leaving aside the issue that while learning some cuts, they “bosses” already figured out new. Business Card of Bill Gates writes CSA (in case you do not know – it’s “Chief Software Architect” – the chief architect of the software, chief software architect).

There is no escape from all these abbreviations so the best way is to know them better and hearing and reading.

You must have suffered little terror when I served her a business card and wrote a post for CEO or CIO… and marvel at this man for computers or compotes is most appropriate to speak? (I hope not just you, but I know people who suffered such a situation).

Here is a brief guide to the world of bosses. It’s really quite short – listed are only the most common positions which are close to ours.

CEO – Chief Executive Officer – Director-General or sometimes just a manager – top leaders in the company’s strategy. Formal leader of all the other managers who actually elect them. In case the activity of the company is in breach of the laws of the country, the responsibility rests with him.

CFO – Chief Financial Officer – Finance Director, Chief Accountant – Responsible for the financial activities of the company. His portfolio are financial risks , financial planning, reporting. English analogues are: Treasurer, Finance Director.

CIO – Chief Information Officer – IT director, IT manager – responsible for internal information systems of the company. Decide on the selection, acquisition and implementation of new information technologies. Provides information security.

CTO – Chief Technical/ Technology Officer – Technical Director, Chief Technology Officer or Chief Engineer – In the spring of CTO is normally the whole technology of production. Responsible for the selection and use of appropriate technologies, software and hardware. In IT companies to reconcile with the CIO. The difference between the two is that while the CIO is closer to the business and information, CTO is closer to techniques and technology.

COO – Chief Operating Officer – Executive Director, Deputy Director – Responsible for the daily operational work routine and often almost entirely related to administration and bureaucracy.

CCO – Chief Compliance Officer – Managing Director – Responsible for the coordination and implementation of activities, is responsible for meeting the regulatory requirements, standardization, rules of corporate governance and business etiquette.

CSO – Chief Security Officer – Director of Safety and Health at Work – Develop an overall strategy to ensure safe and healthy working conditions, programs to reduce any risks and hazards .

CMO – Chief Marketing Office – Director of Marketing and advertising – the executive management of the company in the field of advertising and marketing.

CDO – Chief Data Officer – Chief Data Officer – Director of Data Management – Responsible for the processing and storage of data in the scale of the entire company. Particularly relevant office for major companies operating in the field of electronic commerce.

CAO – Chief Analytics Officer – Director of Analysis – Responsible for analysis of the company’s activity.

CKO – Chief Knowledge Officer – Director of Knowledge Management – Responsible for maximum build and strengthen the company’s values​​, which are reached by using the knowledge. Coordinate the exchange of knowledge between departments and divisions. Store, preserve and multiply intangible assets – know-how, patents and more.

HRM – Human Resource Manager – Director of Human Resource Management – The former “staff” (the term “personnel” originated in the military, when there were cavalry and “horse stock” – personnel were men).

If you happened often meet other abbreviation, which is missing here – write me, it will added .

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