Galina Mihaylova & Anton Ivanov
Great is our Soldier

Great is our Soldier


Great is our Soldier

(Marsh on 23 Shipka Regiment
currently – Anthem of the Army)

Great is our soldier!
Great, great, great!
Soaking wet, hungry, tired,
without rest would be night and day
mountains splits furious
its a terrible cry “Bayonet”
Wrist flew in an instant,
splashed Timok deep
being equal, Wines Lyaskovik,
slash his way God himself.
In Mavrovo buried in snow
hands frozen fought,
Botum open in time for the Drin
banished to an enemy!
And again calm, silent,
in Ohrid today he stands
and waits for a new enemy to defeat
its a terrible cry “Bayonet”


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