Galina Mihaylova & Anton Ivanov

Gifts the Various Wedding Anniversaries

Wedding Anniversary:
Gift for wife:
1st – Paper clock
2nd – Cotton cotton and porcelain
3rd – Leather crystal and glass
4th – Fabric electrical appliances
5th – Wood silver jewelry
6th – Iron wooden objects
7th – Woolen goods for her job
8th – Bronze fabrics and lace
9th – Ceramic leather clothes
10th – Tin diamond jewelry
11thа – Steel fashion jewelry and clothing accessories
12th – Silk pearls and colored gemstones
13th – Lace fabric and furs
14th – Ivory gold jewelry
15th – Crystal clock
20th – Porcelain platinum
25th – Silver complete set of silver
30th – Pearl diamonds
35th – Coral jade
40th – Ruby rubies
45th – Sapphire sapphires
50th – Golden gold
55th – Emerald emeralds
60th – Diamond diamonds

Although gift “clock” is “separation” – notice that it gives a few coins, some last a long …

The more you are married, the more expensive is the woman …

Jump to think about it… 😉

Still …

I wish you a long and happy years together!

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