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GDV – diagnosis


The method of the gas discharge visualization /GDV/ unique contemporary method of functional bioelektografichen express diagnostics developed by a team of Russian scientists under the direction of Prof. Korotkov KG, based on the Kirlian effect.

GDV method is a computer registration and subsequent analysis of the discharge radiation any biological objects located within the field of high voltage .

This is a unique diagnostic method that allows you to see bioenergy broadcasting rights and to register diseases in their early stages, before it appeared their clinical performances.

The disease first manifests itself as a power failure , morphologic changes in the organs may also be absent .

In the process of registering biological diagnostic radiation to the fingers by means of a corona discharge current of high frequency .

This is an innovative method of diagnostic imaging overall picture of the energy field, which determines the index of health energodefitsita and vital human resources .

Moreover , the uniqueness of the method lies in the possibility of fast , safe and visually to assess the overall state of human health , considering the indications for and involved in pathological processes separate organs and systems.

The uniqueness of this method consists in the fact that it allows to evaluate not only the processes, resulting in the body, but its impact with the surrounding environment.

And if traditional diagnostic methods register pathological processes existing level organism , the method allows GRV be fixed amendments long before their clinical manifestations, allowing time to implement preventive measures to prevent the development of disease.

Assay sensitivity to subtle changes in the state makes it an ideal tool for studies of stress conditions and emotional disorders. Re diagnosis shows objectively change the status of the patient, which is evidence for the doctor and confirms or rejects the method of treatment or correction.

GDV camera device that allows full-scale to be monitored energy field of the person – the aura, to assess its psycho-emotional and physical condition, to monitor their changes over time, to diagnose any deviation from health at an early stage to analyze the locations of the functional energodefitsit, which in the future may lead to health problems , can be controlled the individual response of the patient in various kinds of treatments, drugs , bio-effects and others.

The aura is sheer intangible and invisible to the eye ovoid shell around a person’s body . The aura is a kind of matrix on which are recorded the events of our lives. It carries information about the state of physical, mental and spiritual health .

The aura of a man – it is the totality of physical fields and radiation formed by the body in space at the expense of interaction processes in the environment.

Punctures , and tears into the picture the aura makes people vulnerable to physical and psychological impact .
Harmful agents penetrate these ruptures in the body and cause destructive processes – bacteria, viruses and simple organisms – the physical level, poor thought – mentally and collective hatred – a spiritual level.

Special hardware – software complex capture and analyze the emission characteristics of energgiynite channels and biologically active points of the patient.

The test person puts his fingers individually on the glass electrode of the device around the fingers appear blue glow.

Computer system converts digital broadcast signal. The computer processes the signal and obtain the necessary information.

The analysis of GDV – gramme is based on diagnostic tables Broadcast Connectivity features of the different zones of the fingers with the functional state of organs and systems in the human body.

The distribution of the field around the human body is an objective picture , reflecting its energy state. Thus visualize all of the weaknesses in the body and the arms of the first diagnosis is the skilled visual confirmation of the diagnosis and the ability to measure the change of state in the course of therapy or medical procedures.

No longer a secret that every disease is accompanied by alteration of the function of many systems with the advantages disturbances in the regulation of an organ.

Used in medical practice elektrogafichni methods /electrocardiography, electroencephalography/ otsenyavataktivnostta and the state only to separate bodies.

Bioelektrografical method allows time to evaluate functions as well as violations of individual organ systems and the whole organism as a whole. This diagnosis is assessed not only the condition of the body and its systems, but also psychological state , the level of stress and anxiety.

This allows to be chosen appropriate treatment modalities for any particular patient and to individually monitor the effectiveness of treatments carried out.

At the time of the study the patient does not feel any discomfort , the procedure is painless , harmless and can be repeated unlimited times.

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