Galina Mihaylova & Anton Ivanov
Galina the Martyr

Galina the Martyr

Galina the Martyr

(March 10)

Tonight we are guests of Galin, Galina, Galena, Galya, Genoveva.

St. Galina
St. Galina

On March 10, the Orthodox Church commemorates the St. Galina the Martyr.

According to some beliefs name originates from the ancient “Gaul”, which means dark and healthy. In ancient times, swarthy men were more loved because pallor was considered an illness.

Some sources state that the name is of Greek origin – Galini means serenity and Old Bulgarian version means peace, calm .

Galina world is among the followers of St. Kodra, died during the persecution of Christians by Emperor Decius in the middle of the III century. St. Kodra treating physical or intellectual disability and had many students, including St. Galina.

When subjected to persecution, he and his disciples were thrown into prison and tortured to renounce their Christian faith. After not deny Christ are executed first teacher and five students.

Were later killed and the other, according to some traditions – thrown into the sea, where with the help of God walked on the water, but overtaken and submerged tied stones to their bodies, others – hacked together, then the place of execution gushed spring to remind the Corinthian saints to shed rivers of blood for the faith.

Colors that bring happiness to the named Galina are raspberry and violet. Stone that keeps them from evil is garnet. Plants that are beneficial to their act peas and fir. Animals patron is squirrel.

Galina is a Bulgarian name. Means fondled, pet, loved. Name day celebrating all that bear the name Galin, Galina, Galena, Galya and derived.

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