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From Moon Valley Jack London

From Moon Valley Jack London

From Moon Valley Jack London

Some things that a woman
should never forget.
I did not write it, and Jack London…
but hardly have barred these things:

“… Listen, young wifey, and learn. Diversity – it is magic. It is the golden key. It is a toy that entertains. Could not find a diversity in his wife, the man is a Turk; find him – he became her faithful slave. A woman must be many women at once. And if you want your man to love you for it you have to embody all women. Always new, like a flower which shines every morning with fresh dew drops and never fully blossomed, so never fade. You must be a garden always new, always fresh, always different flowers. In this garden the man never taking his last color.

Listen, young wifey. In the garden of love snakes. It is called banality. Lubricate her head, otherwise you will destroy your garden. Remember her name: banality.

You are never be too honest.

Men only look rough. Women are actually much more rough than men… No, no, it makes no sense to argue, young wifey. You are a child. Women are much less sensitive than men. I do not know you? They are ready to tell other women and most intimate secrets to love their husbands. Men never say such things to their wives. How will you explain this? There is only one answer: in everything for love, women are less sensitive than men. This is their mistake. It is the father and mother of banality and triviality is disgusting slug defiles and destroys love.

Be delicate little wife. Never be left nezabulena – always keep not one but many bull; shrouded in a thousand veils and let them be of the most expensive fabric and shine like aimless stones. Never leave be overthrown last veil. Be daily veiled new bull – more and more so – forever. Yet we should not look too much veiled. Any veil should look solely between you and your thirsty lover who wants to have it all. And may every time thinks he’s got everything that was rejected last veil that veils you. He must think so. But not so. He will not be satisfied, because the next day will find another last veil which is not noticed.

Remember – any veil should look last and only. Every time you look, you’re serving it in his hands. But you should always save a lot more to indulge the next day and the following days. And a variety of surprises and your husband will always strive for you – it will look new at you and not at other women. You conquered your man with your beauty and freshness that were new to him, you were for it undisclosed. When a man is torn and breathed the whole flavor of a flower, he looks for other flowers. This is strange in men. You should stay away nearly color and still not completely detached, inexhaustible source of sweetness, which he tried, and yet it always seems to taste her first.

Stupid women – and they are all stupid – consider first conquest over man’s final victory. Then calm down, relaxation is grow fat, become lifeless and miserable. Alas, they are so stupid! But you, dear child, after his first victory should make love relationships unbroken chain of victories. Every day we again conquer her husband. And when you win the final victory and when they are nothing more then to obey _ ending love. And this is the end. Your husband starts haunting foreign gardens. Remember – love to be insatiable. It should feel hunger, sharp knife – hunger that is never completely satisfied. We need better food your beloved, oh yes, very good, very, very well; give him, give and still send him away hungry to come back and ask for more … ”

“… Each of them has its own beauty, little wife. Much more there is to learn. Sometimes men conquered with wine, and sometimes conquer singing them drunk as wine. Sufferers are men! Oh la la! There are so many ways, so much! Here, one of them is your nice linen clothes. They are magical network. No fisherman is not fished with their nets so successfully fish in the sea, as men we perceive with our finery. You are on the right track. I’ve seen men lose their minds because of a bodice, not better, not fine those that you spread the rope … ”

“… I called laundering fine linen art, yes, but it is not art for itself. The highest art of the world, it is the art of obeying men. Love is the lifeblood of all art – it gives meaning to their existence. Listen. In all times, in all ages there have been women – the great, wise women. For them it was not necessary to be beautiful. Their wisdom was more powerful than any female beauty. Princes and monarchs have worshiped them. Whole nations have fought and empires have died because of them. Were created religions in their name. Aphrodite, Astarte – ruler of the night … Listen, dear child, what would you say about the great women who have reigned over millions of men … ”

Well enough that it becomes difficult to discern humor from serious things… 😉 no no wise women on… 😉


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