Galina Mihaylova & Anton Ivanov
Black Magic

Freed From the Magic Ungrateful Man

A young man from a neighboring village, asked me to take him for examination by my wife. In our odyssey began telling her.

Suddenly began to feel strange sensations of fear of something undefined. Began to worry escalating pain in the head and the heart area, which eventually became unbearable and drugs did not help. Several times for no reason, his home became very ill and cried ambulance. Upon review shall identify that he has nothing but doctors were unable to explain what caused the states in which falls. Once, traveling with your car, lost vision for a few seconds and crashed at high speed, going beyond the roadway. Not by accident crashed into a roadside tree that would cost him his life and escaped relatively lightly, excluding car wreck.

Magic made ​​against him were few and one of them was placed in the car to cause the crash. Others were placed in various locations in his home. We did not know how patient will accept the explanation that his condition was due to the effects of black magic, but he said it. He had not heard of such things. Interested in it only if once removed spells, his health will be restored. We, of course, never be offended by the fact that someone does not believe in that magic exists and that damage to the health of an individual was due to her. Many people are convinced of this only after getting rid of pain and suffering. They say drowning man is captured and straw. And this man, although he did not believe he asked us to go with them to remove the cause of his illness. I was convinced then that he will be fine and will believe that it is cured, thanks to our efforts.

At home we found older people’s parents. I told the mother to go with us constantly to be able to see the magic that we find and make sure that you really have them because even with our appearance, she expressed doubt in our words. With us went, of course, and the sick. I do not remember how many there were spells that we found, but two of them were stitched mattress in one of the beds. Patient said that precisely this bed twice it was going bad and had to shout “Ambulance”. Mother all the time muttering, as if we were guilty that her son was ill and that their house is full of filth.

We had just put magic in a pot of water and my wife uttered the spell when a patient’s wife, returning from work. My wife ended with a spell named a female name, turned to them and said they know a woman with that name, adding that their close relatives. Daughter – wife sick – flushed and will not, said that she said that. At this point I realized that magic, put in this house are made precisely the daughter in law who, hearing his name, embarrassed and uncomfortable just asked where we discovered magic. She, of course. knew where he had put them and the fact that we pinpointed these locations, he messed it up completely. My wife knew all bothered that name the miscreants without consideration that this is the daughter in law of this house, which was determined to slay her husband. Well, that did not understand this one because they did not know when ruling spell destruction magic, revealing the name of the villain.

Daughter felt that we discovered her treacherous thought and all the time we were in this house is tormented by the thought not to share this with her husband and his parents. He said nothing and to avoid unnecessary questions about who can put magic in their home, which throughout the search muttering mother decided to leave immediately. Then the father of the patient, who had been silent, asked his son to bring something for us drink. Patient eyed father, saying:

“- Do not dig my vineyard!”

I drank and my wife after discovering and destroying even a magic felt really bad, so it was not nor eat nor drink. Words that said the man whose life had gone to save, I remember to this day and will never forget.

After more than a year he again came to me and said that long after our visit with them felt very well, but recently re-emerged symptoms of his previous illness. It was clear that his wife was again decided to get rid of it.

Our conversation ended very quickly because I told him that his problem do not care and that there’s doctors and hospitals. Who what he was looking for, you found it.

From “Meeting Evil” – Dimitar Dyankov


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