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Формула 1 с вкус на бананов крем – здравословно хранене



Get to know the new Formula 1 Formula Nutrition substituent for Body Weight Control*. Rich in protein, which contributes to the growth of muscle mass. Formula 1 with a banana cream flavor is an ideal blend of vitamins and minerals.


  1. 222 kcal per serving.
  2. 18 g protein per serving, contributing to muscle mass growth.
  3. 4 g fiber per serving.
  4. At least 38% of the daily recommended intake of 25 vitamins and minerals per serving contains chromium that helps maintain a normal blood glucose concentration.
  5. Contains ingredients of origin suitable for vegans (strict vegetarians), does not contain gluten or artificial colors, and contains natural flavorings.


Breakfast boosts your metabolism. When you wake up, the level of blood sugar your body needs to nourish your day is usually low, so a healthy breakfast is the best option. Formula 1 banana cream contains 25 vitamins and minerals, such as magnesium, which contributes to the normal flow of metabolism and energy production to help your goals of active lifestyle and weight management* during breakfast, lunch or dinner .

Formula 1 with banana cream flavor is made with the perfect blend of high-quality protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals that offer both excellent nutrition and convenience in a delicious shake.

You no longer have to choose between healthy foods and convenience – Shake Formula 1 is quick and easy!


Enjoy Shake Formula 1 daily as a nutritious meal. Gently shake the box before use, as the contents may have faded. Mix two measuring spoons** (26 grams) of the powder with 250 ml of cold semi-skimmed milk (1.5% fat) or water. Enjoy this product as part of a balanced and varied diet and a healthy and active lifestyle. Check out for additional recipes and serving suggestions.

* Body weight control: The daily replacement of two main meals in a low-calorie diet with nutrition substituents contributes to weight loss. Breakfast is mandatory, preferably the second main meal to replace, is dinner. For Healthy Eating and Weight Loss: Daily replacement of a meal in a low-calorie diet with a meal replacement contributes to maintaining body weight after its reduction.

** For measuring spoons ask your nutrition coach.

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