Galina Mihaylova & Anton Ivanov
For people under epaulette

For people under epaulette


For people under epaulette

Especially for former and current peoples under epaulette and their families: FREE!

Please as a comment to share whether you like this initiative or not and, if you like, share it in your facebook profiles or tell her about it to be accessible to more people.

We invite all those who are proud of their service to the Motherland, whether they are former or current (formerly there were no ;-)) employees of the Ministry of Interior, the Interior Ministry and other institutions and services, and who want their presence to radiate such pride instead push to break the knobs,

FREE Measurement and Analysis of Their Healthy Lifestyle.

All measured will be given the opportunity to join a group (training course) for a healthy and active lifestyle, receive a specially customized diet for them and personal nutrition coaches who have gone through all the services of the service under the patch or the families of employees under a pant.

In one sentence, with us we will feel comfortable and will make the change unimaginable, which will change their life for the better.

Understanding the difficult life of their families, we offer the same for them.

To determine the appropriate date and time for both measurement and consultation, we look forward to your phone calls

088 8 153 150 – Gali or 088 9 920 930 – Tony.

If you prefer, you can make a request through the site or facebook groups to get you back.

You will learn more in the phone conversation.

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