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For friends and beer or… how to make antenna for all terrestrial television

Many TV viewers (we not talking about cable) are faced with the problem that is “caught” one or another program, but not all from one location and with the same antenna.

So how started the whole story.

In the beginning was the the beer …

It started like all good things – word of mouth on the table!

I have a friend, who called Anton, LZ3AI, or when he get to work – else. He took scheme from some wise people, generating similar antenna (but not especially suitable for the current TV broadcasting), and offered it to a grandmother-neighbor who keeps track of all series of Ronaldo, Rivaldo and The Suffering Mary. Anton offered this antenna her, because somebody cut grandmother’s cable some days ago and other characters from the series would stay without sympathy.

But when the grandmother saw as the antenna, she said such crappy cans or tomato cans will not put on the terrace, while she “caught” some TV program. I got involved with the conversion of the antenna and the corresponding efforts to achieve what you read on.

General view of the antenna

If you tap on the pictures (but not with a hammer, with a mouse) will increase so that you can view them calmly. Then close the newfound window to continue with fascinating read.

Общ изглед на антената
Photo 1. This is a general view of the antenna, which must be obtained without any additional decorate.

I do not want people to stay in the belief that this dish was born “just like that” and this exact amount of antenna’s arms is established only with the accounts. It was a six month long process of experimentation with already empty beer cans that answer the question how long have – exactly 9 cm, not 13, 12, 10 or 8 cm. Whoever wants can continue the process and establish other lengths but the goal is still to adopt any broadcast terrestrial television with very good quality.


Because of somebody of my fellow by “wire” not to stay with the suspicion that I have discovered a radio wave propagation and how to adopt them, I am obliged to bring these restrictive postulates:

1. Nothing new under the sun after 1888-1900 respectively in respect of the matter for researches. See Hertz, Popov, Marconi. Well, yes, SHF has not been dealt …

2. I am “recumbent” on ideologies and implementations wiser than me people who have worked and working in radius of 3 km from the wheel of the boulevard, which leads to Plovdiv and Burgas (why it is Tcarigradsko, not California road? With good velocity behind there may be landed there, too. Some heroes even try it as an option from time to time, well, with casualties …. but this is their life’s risks included.).

3. What would later read about the antenna and its implementation can be said or write from 1/8 of the Bulgarian population (According to my wife).

For enthusiasts who do not want to rotate indoor antennas and change the lengths of the antenna’s arms or deploy masts for sailing with the massive “real” antennas to try Turkish “satellites” and so gravity irons I offer the following recipe (and opportunity to shine over the gentle halves, whatever that means!). We start with a preparatory part and procurement of materials for the antenna.

So sit down with a friend or neighbor to “short production meeting” and drink a beer from an aluminum box. We need two boxes. If the other side stood in need of an antenna simply repeat the operation. Appetizers – according to the season. Here to speak only of preparatory operations, so that beer can be overdone. Leave the work for tomorrow!

The philosophy of the antenna is as follows: 2 x dipole λ / 4 with an approximate volume dildo resonance frequency f res. 620-630 MHz, which bandwidth is not wide enough, covering frequencies from 500 to 750 MHz. Volume vibrator has a better enhancement of thin wire, though these are multiple vibrators. Experience the similar matter know or probably have experienced strong frequency dependence of the directional antennas of relatively thin material (λ/d > 300 and up). So, this will be mainly antenna UHF band. A meter for Channel 1 (for different regions of emission 210-220 MHz) – answer below!

Drawing of the antenna

Чертеж на антената
Figure 1. Drawing of the antenna size.

Behavior and empirical results

Behavior of the antenna in different regions of the country:

1. In the area Ovcha kupel (Sofia) from the tower of Kopitoto are watching these programs with very good to excellent quality to perception – Channel 1, BTV, Nova, 7 days, GTV, CTN and Euro News, but not broadcast 24 hours. Pernichani can benefit from exactly the same scheme.

2. If you are on a “dead end” and you see Kopitoto only from the cover – experience has shown that a 35-meters (Wow, it’s from the first to the ninth floor roof) 75Ω coaxial line and 14″ TV “FUNAI”, year of manufacture 1995 (as my son) did an excellent job with the adoption. This attempt was made in Mladost.

3. Area of Ovha kupel with TV tuned to the frequencies of radiation from Botev Peak (the distance is about 140 km) to obtain the following – BTV with excellent quality and first program could easily be distinguished Annie Salich from Mityo Krika. Joke, of course, the quality is slightly worse if you walk in dark glasses at all might not notice a difference!

4. From near the village of Dolni Dabnik (83 km from Botev peak) frequencies emitted from the peak about the first and second program are excellent. On top of that, the antenna caught Nova TV, too (so far not accepted at all), which emits 10 W of Dolni Dabnik about 10 km from the village and the route is relatively sconce. The natural curvature of the Earth at 10 km is 2 m excess. Someone will say – come on, how is two meters! But you try from two meters to fuc… enjoy the chick, right?! Two meters are two meters.

Table 1. Exceedences between two points on the surface of the Earth
to help people just trade (the making and operation of the antenna does not matter).

Distance [ км ]

Height Chord [ м ]





















































To conclude this section we can say that what is offered can replace rotted large antennas. With relatively good view to the transmitter can be ignored 2λ lifting off the ground (at least 3 meters) and the antenna can be poked in a pot in the room. Otherwise it can be delivered as external, but you have to turn one or two plastic bags to tighten around the stick into the arms of the antenna and trim any excess from the bag. Then formed into a compact little package and a totally alien species. The goal of surgery is to protect the coaxial line natichane and not watching snowfall in the middle of summer.

Beer is now tested

Beer is the exam, right? Then we move step by step towards realization. You can also draw a brandy, so that necessary calm!

Picture 2. I hope now you understand why I had to drink two beers. If not, drink yet another two and return to the beginning.

Materials Required

Materials needed to produce at the time of sitting:

  • 2 pcs. already empty beer cans;
  • 2 pcs. 15 mm six screws with the nuts and 4 pcs. washers for them;
  • Pine stick with section 15/15 or 20/20 millimeters or a combination of size, length, up to your decision;
  • Device or figure-out method to pierce the bottoms of boxes of Ø 6-6,5 mm and stick with Ø 5-5,5 mm;
  • Tool for cutting thin foil boxes;
  • Short sharp rigid blade for digging small feeder in the match – at your convenience.


1. Empty boxes are sized at 90 mm from the base of which are standing (or sitting). The easiest way this can happen to strip cut paper to this width, which to turn around the box and drawn out. Base – though the table. Cutting can be done with a thin sharp knife or even better with your wife’s scissors, which cuts fabric (it’s nice she not to see it). Cutting is right to be approximately 0.5-1 cm above these 9 cm to be able to nippers or forceps to close the portion up to and get a double edge (see photo). This procedure may not be done directly and cut to 90 mm, however, the chance to cut bad fingers is large (an element of personal experience!).

Picture 3. See how to turn the edges of the boxes so as not to cut yourself on any program. If you do not see already, increase appetizers and leave the work to tomorrow.

2. Drill the bottom of the box already cut Ø 6-6,5 mm (preferably with a tendency towards the center) and the inside of inserting screws with complex pulley. Protruding from the bottom of the thread you put washers and nuts, meanwhile prop screws with the screwdriver underneath. Tighten savagely, because then this will cut the screw and the hole in the mast.

Picture 4. To remain so screw with screwdriver after a few beers’s craftsmanship. But still need to enter it easily in the hole this dark place (bottom of the box).

3. Drill stick (not by length!) with Ø 5-5,5 mm in a place where you have decided to screw already worked arms of the antenna. Take one arm and cut the aperture on both sides. If you have tried to Ø 5,5 im gonna be more loosely, but material feeder compacts it. No worries!

Pictures 5. You can see how to drill a hole (across the stick) and cut out the channel (if you want), which can be adjusted feeder.
Pictures 5. You can see how to drill a hole (across the stick) and cut out the channel (if you want), which can be adjusted feeder.

4. If you dig a little into the mast as a bed for feeder cable and braid, fasten with tape or other tape feeder to stick – the situation is even better.

Picture 7. Interferes feeder and wrapped with tape.

5. Insert less than stripping braid and the cable (about 3-4 mm) threaded holes in the stick and screw the antenna’s arms.

Picture 8. Something must be obtained. Do not be surprised if you think this picture somewhere you’ve ever seen. That’s what I call a “double image”.

6. If you want, you may double folded household foil (from what – which is yours wife own) to close large openings in boxes, attaching it with tape or something sided adhesive. Antenna works a little better. If you wish you can paste anywhere ready antenna’s arms with foil cabinets that mimic wood. The visual effect is striking. If you caught your wife while cutting it with scissors, the effect is absolutely striking!

7. Antenna can be whatever you want attached to stakes or simply put in place of the old one. If beer from beer cans not enough and you have continued with two-liter bottles, you can use this bottle as holder – remove the cap and poke the stick the antenna in its place (of course, the bottle is not full with beer already but water – to stay on site).


Well what are you waiting for, try it now how it works!

Concluding remarks of the author

Cans of Coca Cola and Fanta have the same diameter, but not recommended production of such antennas. Do not be fooled! I’ve never seen to do a wedding, christening or graduation forwarding with soda. If you do not allow beer but because of some apparent curvature of the silhouette or other medical foreclosures, try and box fanta or other lemonade. The effect is certainly will not the same.

Men know why!

Svetoslav Stoyanov, LZ5UG


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