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Especially for radio amateurs

Especially for radio amateurs


Especially for radio amateurs

The last amateur radio meeting I took part in left a slightly painful feeling in me.

Everyone around me was 20-30 (maybe more) overweight.

As the saying goes, “they weighed in place.”

And women included.

I won’t say which city it is, so that people don’t take it personally, but since then I’ve been looking at every HAM, YL or XYL. (I’ve looked at YL before, but in a different way).

And with the same sad feeling I find that almost all radio amateurs are “fat” …

I’m sure most radio amateurs think it’s because of their stagnant lives. Yes, this life in front of the radio and / or computer has an impact, but that is not the main reason.

I am equally sure that without stress, starvation and diets, every radio amateur can achieve and maintain at least such a state of body and mind as I achieved and now maintain for the third year (already lost 30 pounds, 10.5% fat and over 70 cm tours – I would probably almost put on my prom suit, but I don’t keep trying it on).

But I can’t broadcast it in Morse code (although I pretend I can do it well), or in SSB or FM.

You will have to take at least the first step yourself, and then you can count on our (my and XYL Galya’s) support and advice.

And we with XYL Galya will make you a measurement, analysis of the measured parameters and the current eating habits and will prepare a FREE diet for you. We will also advise you on what you need to do to achieve what you have “targeted”.

We also conduct entirely online courses in the form of challenges.

Welcome! You may not be alone!


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