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Erogenous Thoughts

Erogenous Thoughts

Erogenous Thoughts

Hey, girls, you know each other?

Guys, where is your pioneer spirit?

Was stuck in childhood?

Should we try to overcome our selfishness and famous to deliver maximum pleasure partner?

What does the theory says ...
What does the theory says …

All think of knowledgeable and capable, but if he was kidding?

What does the theory says …


New technologies are trying to convince us that to run a machine with more than three buttons, you must be at least bachelor.

Here is a pictorial comparison between men and women:

Accurate setting
Accurate setting

I do not think even long or Bachelor or Master or PhD you! 😉


  • man is manageable (even historically proven);
  • the woman must learn cool …

It would be much easier if the man was a machine. Learn and what buttons to where to vratnesh and his “already in business.” And that person was a form inakva not so clear as the various devices out there, big deal. We can still dials …

However …

Is that practical?

Well, probably not. The woman is a man in the full sense of the word, and each one is a small universe. Everyone is different. Everyone is unique. Even then it is true for men, although there are some typical things:

Typical male brain
Typical male brain

But not since the world began, everything looking woman, and in this text will.

So we start from the fact that every woman is different. Indeed, in all this colorful world, you can not have in common. You just have to find them. (but that “the general” never say it to her, she’s different, unique!).

There is no other way but to try.

Guess how he reacted each of these girls, if you swipe your finger down his spine from the neck to the waist? 😉

It wants its experiments ...
It wants its experiments …

Different. At the same time, uniform. Well … he wants his experiments.

Do not confuse the picture of the woman has ten erogenous points and only one man. Especially during the experiments … If we take him if we’ve been in the fourth or seventh missed, better to wash the dishes or fix the locker door to the balcony, which we promised last year… 😉

Erotic points for men and women
Erotic points for men and women

And yet it is unnecessary to know where, when and how to touch.

Here’s how some start experiments:

Thus began experiments
Thus began experiments

This is probably also a start, but to be honest, I would not have started this way. ; -§)

Others began too early.


Probably it is not wrong. Acceleration makes a difference. But my advice to them is to begin to read a lot of literature and firmly shod theory will come in time and practice.

Continuous learning has its advantages. May fall Examples of suitable teacher to introduce them not only geography of the globe, and their body.

Appropriate teacher
Appropriate teacher

The female body is really something unique, graceful, gentle. Criteria for its beauty change over time and differ from men (if a woman say to another that is beautiful, it is likely that the “other” is alien or “one” just prefers women …).

But let’s not stray from the original idea.

If you know where, how and how much to touch a woman, we are half way not only to her and to her heart and soul.

Male hands often coarse in appearance, but can be scary and delicate. And if in addition they know what to do, woman melts them like ice tropical sun.

There is here an almost insoluble problem. Almost no woman would say to her husband where, how and how long you would like to be touched. And rely on male dosetlivost that often or they do not, or does not match the female logic idea for her. And the man is left with nothing but to experiment. And if one partner for a long time, it helps. If you are very – you have a good memory, so that records at that moment just does not seem very appropriate to draw. ; -§) Is not it better to remain bitter woman or God forbid, unmet.

But there are things in common.

I do not think is the right option these common things to be numbered so as not to confuse people, it is only required to comply with this order. Man nature is creative and nice to show all this.

Her ears and mind

It is common knowledge that the main erogenous zone of a woman is her brain. She begins to excite mostly what he hears. Not so much with what he sees. (probably a defensive reaction … cause this, who often seem not much to see …; – §)). But at any time he likes to dream and inhabits another world, different from the daily grind, and if the man and help just a little, it will be ready to do anything for him. Naturally, it is itself the basis of his own dreams and just like her husband should stress in their stories. But it usually it is not really difficult, especially as it “already hit hormone” – then everything seems infinitely beautiful. You should tell her that. To share with her whatever he likes. Exactly what he likes. Why he likes. And for the moment is even true. That would be roughly speaking now, but then the man should forget rudeness. Think of all the gentle, kind and beautiful words ever heard somewhere and remembered. At least in the beginning.

From there began the differences – some women like to keep their talk as others prefer coarse and obscene words … but these women will be brave enough to admit it, and hardly needs a man to worry about it.

As council: but wants to read … read … very enriching vocabulary and internal mental world, if a man wants to have success with women. Be kind and gentleman – already seems slightly forgotten things. Then there is no need to flatter a woman – it will comes inside when needed. Direct expression in the beginning maybe works in paid love, but if you want to please a woman in and of itself, we need not be direct, but discreet, kind and gentle even with his words.

Her eyes

Now you say that you are contradicting. So explain. I’m not talking about what women see. I’m talking about, man touching woman’s eyes with their look. There is hardly any woman who does not feel that she was looking straight into his eyes. You will feel and how we look. Especially if it’s warm, gentle, with admiration. This makes sense its brain and numb, and depending on her mood and surroundings this thrill can go through her ​​whole body as high-voltage electricity transmission line;-).

Her hands and fingers

The fingers are much more sensitive than a man can think or imagine. You can easily improvise because pain is difficult to reach. Just light kissing or touching lips, or passionate intake that invoke different associations – any man can easily show their creativity and improvisation. Basically in all such neizglezhdashti especially erogenous zones to emphasis on associative thinking woman – so it irritated her brain as the primary erogenous zone. Different women experience different effects from the touch of their fingers. There are those who can experience orgasm even hand massage. Someone touching their hands to their erotic works early foreplay, others like to suck their fingers at the very penetration. Many people do not realize that tongue licking the inside of the arms can be an erotic experience. A must try.

Her lips and face

Kiss is a great thing in a woman’s feelings. There is hardly any woman who does not remember their first kiss. Fundamental mistake that some men during sex, these are insufficient kisses. Women love kissing. Of course, it is not just an important number of kisses, and the way in which man kissing. Begin gently. Gently touch your lips. Test are varying intensity. Continue with greater urgency. Again delayed. Variety is important. Improvisation eligible. There is no way for a man to understand exactly how a woman likes to kiss her. If you focus on and kiss his hands and wiggle annoy other areas of her body will be rewarded. You will feel how it is granted and entrusted his visible body.

When he felt sufficiently kissed her lips, stroking her tongue tongue, palate her teeth can be moved and to her cheeks, eyelids, eyebrows and all over the face.

Her ears and neck

Why do most men ignore them? Should not. Each area of a woman’s body should not remain unexplored. Touching lips chewy ear, where there is often earrings, sucking it, even with themselves earrings, it can deliver its enormous pleasure. Or walk through the ducts of the cochlea. It’s like a tickle, but different, which further aroused woman.

There are women who fall into ecstasy pet of Adam’s apple with their language. Others – like suck their skin of the neck over the clavicle or collarbone itself.

Her back, spine, waist

The back of the woman becomes accessible to the man’s hands in a variety of cases. When to him and embraced when lying on your stomach or arms and legs in front of him. Should not be overlooked either of these options. The man will be blessed with the most incredible twists and chills. Do not forget that between the tips of his fingers and her skin can jump incredible sparks if they ran along the spine, past him, turn them on the cross. Slightly and gently, barely touching January Will inevitably feel the effect when received. This can be done with one hand, and with two symmetrically on either side of the backbone or to the side of the chest. The effect is short but very intense and exciting for both.

Nice kiss for the same position when the time available to kiss.

Her hair

Here the extremes are pronounced. Many women play with their hair. This is not an outburst of frustration, but because they enjoy it. They love to do it and the man – to push his fingers into their hair or simply stroking them by hand or like comb with your fingers. The woman is not usually expected from this man and surprise her pleasure and excites her.

Other women are annoyed by touching their hair. Usually they themselves do not do this, except for the very combing.

In order for man to determine what kind of woman standing in front of him, you should observe. To reveal her favorite things and those who teased her.

Her soft seats

These are places where a man can show a lot of ingenuity. These, though quite gentle, yet is resistant to prolonged irritation and stroking, but already approached with more attention. The man walks with gentle kisses on the fold of the knees, inner arms and thighs, or the concave side of the door. Women love these places are gently pressed, kissing, licking and blowing.

Gentle stimulation of these places is more exciting than the rough pressure. If a man pay enough attention to these points, it will mean a lot to her.

Her breasts

Do not make one stop before entering. And never the first. Nor do most. They are familiar territory for almost all men, which they enjoy, and it is impossible to be ignored. The mistake here is that they are given too much attention and too soon after foreplay. Overstimulation may be painful or have painful consequences then even certain physiological problems.


Mistake is the man he overdoes it with suction and latch-on, especially before they are ready, especially after becoming too sensitive and probably touching them is painful.

The man should not forget that this is kneading dough, and some of the most sensitive areas of the female body. You have to touch them gently. Initially the side, not even the breast and around them. Gradually narrows perimeter. Touches are gentle with frequent away from them. To achieve a certain sense of anticipation. Do not forget that the objectives breasts are woven from nerve endings and their vigorous stimulation is admissible only when the woman is ready and even expected and willing to bear one. Berries are easily excitable and visible and talk about the level of excitement, but not the man to trust only them, and to closely monitor the reactions of the body of the woman.

Her thighs

Thighs endure energetic chest. Can be used pressure on them or crush them and squeezing. But tenderness and here is unnecessary at first. Especially the inner thighs. We should not forget to pay attention to your butt. Touch them not only with hands and fingers. Kiss them. Close them.

Her labia

Touching them act very exciting not only the woman but also the man. This is particularly important diversity. With fingers, lips, tongue, gently biting, sucking, licking, stroking around to reach the insane desire to touch, it should aim at the man. It is important not to “replay” because it is painful and unpleasant.

Her vagina

It’s not just stand for some male organs. As contrary to the theory, there are women who are excited only by the penetration of the man there and the influence of other erogenous zones is almost zero. One species, male girls; -§))).

Her perineum

Perineum, the area between the vagina and anus is very sensitive and often overlooked. It is made of fabric similar to that of the labia, therefore, is rich in nerves. There is a special moment of intimacy, as it is an intimate part of the body that few people have seen it, and it feels as if the man gives any special privileges. This is a particularly delicate part of the body. Touches are light. If the husband is respecting gradualness in foreplay, there will be enough moisture nearby, which can use.

Her clitoris

This is a physiological analogue only erogenous zone in men. Its physiological function is one only: pleasure. While the brain is more psychological erogenous zone, this is the most erogenous physical part of the female body. However, the most sensitive. And most subjective – some women tolerate very light touches, and at other times they want a rude, while other women prefer straight rough irritation. For many men the clitoris is still unfamiliar. And should not. It is useful to know that the clitoris is made of exactly the same tissue and has exactly the same nerves as the head of the male penis. Therefore, although it’s fun to tease him during foreplay, the time will come when a woman will need direct stimulation of the clitoris. Irritation to his best during penetration the woman is on top. And another thing you need to know about the clitoris. Unlike men who become hypersensitive after orgasm stimulation and want to stop women prefer clitoral stimulation to continue during orgasm and even after it. They continue to feel good and sometimes directly to continue the “second time”. But this is not true for all women. There are those who prefer to rest after orgasm. But in all cases the error is stopping tenderness after orgasm woman, though her ​​expression is necessary otherwise – hugging, kissing, fondling other places that are not so painfully sensitive.

Her G-spot

Mystery or Reality? It could be the grandfather of the erogenous zones, but experts still argue about its existence. But there is nothing wrong to be checked. Orgasms arising from G-spot feel different from those arising from the clitoris.

That is not an appropriate way to search for G-spot ;-):

That is not an appropriate way to search for G-spot
That is not an appropriate way to search for G-spot

Ideally man to reach the supposed point during the movement of the penis, but to orient is to first look for her. This is most successful if the woman lie on her back and the man put one or two fingers in her vagina, palm facing up. From this position the man makes the move a finger, as if calling someone to come to him. Now, to make the point to stimulate movement of the fingers, as if giving a sign of someone close to you. There is no way you know whether you are on the right track or not.

During penetration the best position to stimulate the G-spot is the woman lying on her back with legs up and pelvis protruding and sat on the knees of the man, he knelt in front of her pelvis. For extra pleasure can try simultaneous stimulation of the clitoris, which in this situation is easily accessible and visible to the man. This reaches a simultaneous double orgasm, which will be memorable experience for the woman long.

If you have any opinions on these questions, I’d love comments and suggestions.

But do not think about these things while driving – it is dangerous!

It is dangerous
It is dangerous

And… be clever with experiments… 😉



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