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On February 14, 2009, at 16.58 hours, in Sofia, Maternity MA (42 ⁰ 41’00 “N and 23 ⁰ 18’41” E) Health Str. on the third floor (578 m altitude) was born a beautiful baby – 3550 grams and 51 cm (daughter of Janet and Alexander Ivanov) with the help of a team led by Dr. Filipov.


To be alive and well and make happy parents, grandparents and family all life!

For the curious is a legend …

Elia’s Fountain

(An old legend of our land)

Eliya goes along the river and reflect on the words of his father. Yes, she agrees with him – people are like the sands of the water drag… beautiful girl bends scoop handful of water from the river and watch how naughty she is passed between her delicate fingers and ran into the river, bringing back the rest.

She heard the thud horse and faces. Shapely Roman horseman fascinated by her beauty, silently watching her. Feels embarrassing situation and speaks to her – asking her how her name is. Elia embarrassed reply. Inherent courage returns gradually and it is granted. Tells about his family proud father and his freedom.

Rome official, impressed tries to talk more with her, but his pride will not let him. It seems that it is a noble family. Pulls the stirrups of his horse and away among the clatter of hooves .

Eliya left again with his thoughts. We hear a thud of an ax in the valley. Barking. Murmur of the river winding near the rocks.

Heard a cry – a cry for help. Runs over to there. A hundred paces sees two Romans, severely beaten Slav adult in whom recognize his own father . Yells at them to stop. Stunned by the courage of the girl they really stop. Even Eliya surprised the power of her voice when you felt a presence behind her. Excited and furious, she had not heard the sound of horses’ hooves. Eliya turned and recognized the horseman of the river. The tall Roman throws bag of coins to the soldiers and ordered them to leave and not hang over the man, but not him says free. The old man thanked his unexpected savior. His lips calmly and wisely, rip off that man can not be free if he can himself be ordered. Rome official agrees, but says that there is no way – laws should be respected by all, even if they are not their heart . The old saying that there are unwritten laws and all my trouble would not trade it for menial service, but in deference to his rescuer, do not argue with him anymore, and simply asks him his name. From his answer saying that Rome official said Fronton, and that his mother is Slav .

From that moment on there Fronton often think of the wise words of the old man. Argue with him. Marcus Aurelius appointed him governor of Lower Moesia. Everyone is afraid of his power, but did not from him because his orders are fair.

After a while, surprised Fronton sees father of Eliya headed toward him. Slav brings him a bag of money, the same as ever he gave Roman soldiers. Wants to be a debtor. Does not want to cause problems for Fronton if anyone knew that helps Slavs.

The old man retired with dignity and gable think about his life’s wisdom. But his admiration more and more directed towards gentleness, courage and beauty of Eliya, because often wander along the river, hoping to see her.

And once that happens. Eliya strip, unaware of its proximity and logs floating in the river. His heart hangs crazy. Falls madly to it.

His delight is short. Startled are alert. Unexpected enemy approaching the fortress , where ramming is trying to escape and Romans and Slavs.

Fronton sees Elia and her father and shelters them. Whips and drove enemy troops. People depart from the fortress home. See the sadness in the eyes of Eliya. She promised to come back in the castle for the day of Venus. Hope to see her again gives him strength and zest for life and good works.

Fronton hopes to marry his love, and not in that meeting resistance from her father.

Day of Venus coming. Wear Everywhere songs hoopla noise. Marcus Aurelius himself is present in the Danubian fortress. Majestic and beautiful, Eliya proceed to the wedding altar. Her excitement hides from view a Roman, too slim and beautiful, you watch them with envy and malice. Fronton, however sees it. Years ago it sting his heart with love thrills, but briefly – the dishonesty she quickly deleted the traces of love. Anticipate that awaits him revenge and it must keep love Eliya himself. But do not expect to be so soon .

Only ritual climbed stairs with her ​​slim legs and sipping sparkling wine, even before he could pour the rest of the wine into the sacrificial fire, it collapses . Search to sleep glance Fronton. Faded lips whisper something that no one ever learns.

Elia buried near the place where he first met with Fronton. When the tomb was reconstructed fountain, and no one ever understands. Today, the clear waters of the fountain jet in a stone coffin, as if complaining fate of the beautiful girl. Fountain, often studded with flowers, remains unaffected by the centuries. They say that the sound of falling water sometimes resembles the sad song of loving Fronton and her curves in the bed of the beautiful figure of Eliya.


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