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How your donation helps?

The site contains many, hopefully useful information. For its publication is used a lot of time and money. We rely almost entirely on donations to fund this project.

A regularly update of equipment, pay for overhead and other expenses are required to make available all information on site.

Last but not least we have people who appreciate their own and others’ time.

Any your donation will be of great benefit. If you have questions regarding donations, please contact us.

Online donations

You can donate online via by the traditional way, as payments which are likely for other goods and services on the Internet. After pressing the button of your choice you will be redirected to the page, where you have to write the name and password of your registration there or click “”Pay by credit card””/””Платете с кредитна карта”” to be redirected to the page for payment by credit card.

For a donation of 1,00 to 200,00 levs (1,00-200,00 BGN), please use this form:

Description Amount
Donation on-line BGN
Payment is made through – Internet payment system with bank cards and micro accounts

Ако желаете да дарите повече от 200 лева, моля използвайте някой от следващите начини.

If you wish to donate more than 200 levs, please use any of the following ways.

Donate with PayPal

Account that you can send your donations is:

It is enough to write “”Donation”” for reason on the application and if you want – by whom.

Donate by bank transfer

Donate by bank transfer can be sent in an account at First Investment Bank.

IBAN: BG29 FINV 9150 10BG N075 3S
Anton Ivanov Hristov

or in micro-account in Easypay:

IBAN: BG67 CECB 9790 0055 3875 29

It is enough to write “”Donation”” for reason on the application and if you want – by whom.

We hope it is obvious that neither this page nor references to it from the site does not insist in any way for donation. Whether or not you make a donation, you have equal access to all content on the site before, now and in the future.

This page is only trying to facilitate those who wish to donate to this project.

If you want your name, e-mail or web-page to be mentioned in site, please contact us.

Thank you!


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