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Bulgarian women will become the fattest women in Europe

Do you think that Bulgarian women will become the fattest women in Europe in 15 years?


Do you think that Bulgarian women will become the fattest women in Europe in 15 years?

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the Bulgarian Women would be the fattest in Europe (together with the Belgians) for 15 years.

In my opinion, WHO does not know the Bulgarian Women at all.

The Bulgarian woman, as she gets stubborn, can raise mountains!

The bad thing is that with just as much energy and she does not accept advice.

That’s why I going to be diplomatic – let’s look at our story (not Bulgarian history, but Gali and Tony story) and we can judge if it’s better to call us – we’ll be happy and fun to help. And not just the Bulgarian woman, but her beloved person beside her. Who usually has a much greater need, but will never admit it.

Otherwise, the problem is across Europe – obesity up to 15 years will turn into a pandemic (yes, not infectious, but perhaps even more dangerous).

This problem is rooted in the upbringing of children, so it will appear in years. Very rarely in kindergartens and nurseries can see fat children because they eat at least regularly, in small portions and do not have tablets and computers – they play all day. But when the parents take over the relay, things turn. To have peace of mind, often with a meal, children have tablets.

To help children, parents need to change their diet first. Tablets are not the only obstacle. They need culture and education in both nutrition and sometimes quite a big change in lifestyle. From a young age, children need to know basic things – when and how much they have to eat, how much water to drink, and other such ordinary things.

Generally, the “genetic burden” has nothing to do with genetics, just the way our parents live is passed on to our children as well as ours – to ours. To prevent “genetic burden” in our children, we need to change our way of life.

But to teach children, parents have to be dedicated. At least in basic things. Many parents, in the consultation process, remember that their parents have ever done as we teach them, but for some reason this thing is forgotten and dust in some dark corner of consciousness.

At school there are still no meal times, and it will not be long before, unfortunately. So take control in your hands.

We will help you learn a lot about eating. In this case – experienced in practice. Padded with many stories to easily memorize and apply.

But you have to start a very simple thing to start with – to visit us to tell you how and how we can help you.

Everybody is welcome to us!


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