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DIY for photographers: Tiepod

DIY for photographers: Tiepod

DIY for photographers: Tiepod

Has anybody ever have shoot photos with tiepod? With a tripod or monopod securely but tiepod?You may be did it, but you do not know. Tiepod not my idea, just to name “tiepod” I can pretend.

Materials needed:

Required materials
Required materials
  1. Lanyard for clothesline laundry (maybe nylon) – no more than 2 meters or the height of his prospective user (if it is higher than 2 m);
  2. Bolt ¼” – 1 pc;
  3. Nuts  ¼” – 2 pc;
  4. Washers (depending on bolt) – 2 pc;
  5. Old keychain or something like that – 1 pc.

A bolt and nut with inch thread are most difficult to find of all these things. For no other cause but difficult parking there – sold in Evrobolt – northwest corner of Slivica Blv. and Rakovska Str. It cost about Lev and half, mostly depending on the length of the screw.

At both ends of the cord to tie knots “gallows” or other appropriate. Cord after forming knots should reach from the ground to your chin somewhere. If the cord is twisted with a match or lighter to melt the ends gently, so as not to unravel.

Junction “Gibbet”

One end of the cord is clamped between two washers, nut and bolt.

The one end
The one end

The other end is the keyring gunpoint and also tightens.

The other end
The other end

At the end of “exercise” should be something like this – compact and lightweight.

Ready “Tiepod”

The aim is to be able to carry in your pocket and is constantly on hand, especially when you have no tripod for the camera, even monopod. Screw in thread for tripod, tighten the second nut not to exceed many (so as not to break the thread of the camera) occurring keychain leg, pulling the cord maximum upward and pull the trigger (suitable for mother-in-low, too). You can move the camera relatively freely horizontally and, if necessary, bending and upward vertically. If you step on “a leash” – down vertically, too.

Do not do the same work as a tripod, but it helps – stabilized significantly better camera, and mobility is very high – “killer” for sports photos with not very long lens (for example).

Suggested Use
Suggested Use


  • Cheap – almost free;
  • Light;
  • Wearable (even permanent);
  • Hardly restricts movement.


  • It is not the same as on a tripod … but wihiut it? Much better than nothing…


Translated in air: DIY – Do It Yourself 😉


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