Veselin Hanchev

To stay for your goods,
to get you there and then you even
each item and you character around you
Rediscover and recreate.
you recreate them as vine
confined spaces in grains
as tree fruit, bee
created honey from finger and light;
a woman moaning in which
more durable image tracks love
return the land rich
clouds and birds and leaves.
Oh, each item must be suffered,
re each item to be born
and any image that you fall in,
to shine with brilliance unknown before,
and you think you do in wounds
painfully long and weigh
and every thought in you to stay
a healed scar yours in flesh.
How else what you take,
hundredfold fertilized will give
hot colors in bayonet or poem
in cosmic flight and in a cast iron oven?
How it will become a quest raw
and short sunset and comradely speech
and falling and rising again
and returning far,
and caress hair and ambush
and horizons with deceiving stars?
Oh, this world has to suffer,
re in you must be born
and each item and image around you
your heart to recreate,
to stay for their goods,
to get you there even after you.

The translation is not professional and it is only to provide approximate information about the content of Bulgarian text.