Galina Mihaylova & Anton Ivanov


BDS Cyrilic
BDS Cyrilic

Well, you will not find the bike … there are many casseroles cooked this material:

Valuable work, which saves a lot of time reading and prevents toss with new issues or topics, drivers call them there as you want…

A new operating systems have built-in Cyrillic and many different keyboard layouts.

And I … I did not say, but I repeat;-):


Who listened to me, I’m grateful. I do not have these little people.

But others love the phonetics – stubborn. Well, let them sucks. You must have a corrective criterion to know us how we better? ,,)

It sure can come up and sucks and nothing inappropriate layout. For example something like three phone washers – vowels, consonants and numbers. Or keys on the clarinet … especially for musicians and others who love to catch … whistles …;-)

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