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Do we read them?

These pages usually nobody reads but sometimes they are so useful … I hope this text is not so boring that far to push yourself to read it.

In essence, the copyright of all material published here, are belonging to their authors. And we do not have any claim to it. Nor we illegally enrich by their own expense. Even in our opinion we free and candidly advertise them wholeheartedly, that we have selected only good things about the Internet-audience.

There will probably be the case where the author has not written the author of the text, and the contractor, the genre (like “Old City song”) or something else. If you feel competent and confident to tell me exactly the author, with thanks I will make corrections in website.


We respect the copyrights of all authors. Often we are acting as authors. At least of some children for sure.

If somebody considers that in any way violate the copyright rights, let write us, we will certainly respond to the desires – for example, to get out some text or to present it otherwise.


In that you view the site, whether it brings you pleasure or not you agree with some key theses:

  • you agree to view these pages as they are is;
  • you realize that since going into unknown territory, you may receive injury (eg mental) or drown (in a sea of information or in the bathroom – doesn’t matter);
  • you refuse to look me responsibility for anything posted here;
  • you don’t want me recover lost money, lost profits and failed come-ons or any possible other losses;
  • you are fully aware with unforeseeable consequences of viewing this website;
  • you can use the lessons learned here and personal improvisations only at your own risk;
  • nonce entered the site you may lose access to navigating it, to mislead or cause confusion or you would crazy;
  • there is no guarantee that you will find what you need or you are looking for;
  • I have no any responsibility for the lost of your time here, regardless of its quantity;
  • you know that it is entirely possible that it is not even a WEB-site or what you think it;
  • If you disagree with any clause of this Agreement may at once to leave this site and never go back again. If for this purpose you gave me personally some money for this entry, you may want to refund them back, if I”ve not already spent;
  • transport costs and costs for entry or exit site are for your account, and the author of the site (i.e. me) will not be responsible for damages that occurred in;
  • if you remember about anything else that would harm me during site viewing you will have to agree with him, too.

Usually such agreements are written with a ton of stuff with a boring tone that the agreements may be made possible larger and their readers reject to read at the beginning, but it is difficult for me to make-up so much craps.

In any case, we disregard joke tone of the agreement and think over its legal force. If you disagree with him, I give you another chance to leave the site until it is a time.

This does not mean that I chase away. If you agree with absolutely all points of the above agreement, welcome and enjoy maximum!

You are welcome!

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