Galina Mihaylova & Anton Ivanov
Black Magic



I know very well that all that is written here, many will seem incredible or impossible.

Not. There is nothing fancy or decorated.

I am convinced that this helps many sufferers who have lost faith in the good because malice, envy and greed of people conquered by evil.

I know that among you there is hell to pay from various pseudo-healers. Unfortunately, this is true. The black magic people are ashamed, afraid or otherwise reluctant to talk and can not gather the necessary reliability.

So consider it necessary to talk openly about here – where many people have access. Moreover, people generally reasonable and clearly able to assess reality and virtuality.

They say that suffering is born truth.

What you read here is the hard truth. This is true for thousands of suffering and defeated the good people. I hope this help you and be happy again!

From “Meeting Evil” – Dimitar Dyankov


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