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COMPUTERS Newspaper , No. 31 8-21 August 2005

To direct the antenna toward the sky to turn radios and hear the voice of someone who is tens, hundreds and even thousands of miles away from you is an experience that can not be compared even with modern communication technologies and the Internet.

Amateurs in many countries around the world are members of clubs have personal identities , which are identified on the air and which even became their nickname.

BFRA site view at this time

BFRA site view at this time

Did you know that the newly elected president of the Bulgarian Federation of Radio Amateurs says as LZ1RF? What would be your name in this society? This can only understand if you visit the website of the Bulgarian amateurs, which is located at:

Despite its simple design of the site is a place where home amateurs share information outside air , learn to organize competitions incomprehensible to the uninformed shortwave and VHF sports and more.

BFRA site page view at this time

BFRA site page view at this time

On the site you will find many documents that will acquaint you with the history of Bulgarian amateur societies will explain what these consist radiosportove how the moon can help to send the signal far to find a glossary of international amateur terms and abbreviations (their emoticons 😉 and many other things. Information on the website is great and despite the difficult navigation can start dreaming and you want to stretch the antenna as soon as possible.

(Note : the site BFRA already by BFRA)