Pretty Babe

Nice babe, babe, Pour me some wine to drink, babe / 2 / Pain to say each other babe. Who it hurts more, babe / 2 / – Hurts me more, babe That soldier’s office waiting for me, babe. / 2 / – Hurts me more, hero, That I have a dress to do, hero […]

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Pretty Lass

Pretty Lass Lass, pretty girl, Pour me some wine to drink, girl / 2 / Pains to say each other, girl Much pain, girl / 2 / My pain is greater, girl I have a duty to serve, girl. / 2 / My pain is greater hero, I have to sew clothes, hero, / 2 […]

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Say me my white cloud

Say my white cloud le, where you at where you flown? I saw my father yards never heard a mother talking? What does my children dear, with strangers, foreign bread split? you tell her le cloud white that alive here to see me. And it brings me good health. Many mine a little stuck coming […]

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