21-дневно предизвикателство

  21 day challenge is online training and building the right eating habits to achieve certain goals. Contents: Personal trainer and counseling. Individual food plan with products included – starter package basic program – shake and aloe or shake and small tea. Thematic video lectures on nutrition. Video workouts for home performance. Sample healthy cooking […]

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Джим Рон, Herbalife Nutrition и ние

Днес имаме два празника – на днешната дата преди 88 години е роден Джим Рон и отново на днешната дата преди 4 години ние (Галя и Тони) станахме членове на Хербалайф. 17.09.1930 г. и 17.09.2014 г. Случайно ли е? Как мислите? Четете нататък…

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Що е то алкохол и има ли място в хранителния ни режим

  I will disappoint you – this is not a guide for proper drinking, no matter how it looks like it. Alcohols are organic compounds containing one or more hydroxyl groups. Knowledge of this, however, will hardly change our appetite for alcohol. I write “alcohols” because there are different species and I certainly do not […]

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