Galina Mihaylova & Anton Ivanov

Cabbage and chicken in each other

I was competition for young chefs. One of the prizes won from Plovdiv. I watched carefully winner.

Take a medium-sized sauerkraut. If cabbage is fresh, boil it out half an hour in acidified water. Put her to bed and soil of the book to unpack like a ballerina – skirt by skirt. Leaves them wringing of the book but simply dissolve. Heart it assign, ie remove it.

Borrow with chicken – cooking, deboning and mincing as potato moussaka. To it add 200 g of smoked brisket (sliced) 2 onions retail battered 1 small head of garlic, a handful of breadcrumbs soaked in milk, 2 eggs and parsley. To this mixture full cabbage.

Big toy sewing the cabbage, ie Wrap a thick thread. As we know how hard men “Threading” morning. “Block” with stogramka calm hand and try. If the thread you hem, the reason is clear – the needle has no ears. Wrap damn cabbage with thick thread. Arrange in a pan of bacon slices, put cabbage on them, top half of the broth in which the chicken is boiling, and 100 g of oil.

While you wait, become worthy of your taste and soft enough to keep “pacify” the hand. But not enough to be “sew” on the tablecloth.

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