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Business cards – a mandatory attribute of modern communication and protocol

Some cards in the exchange and the appropriate time is appropriate to be directed towards the sky.
Some cards in the exchange and the appropriate time is appropriate to be directed towards the sky.
  • Business card with a cell phone only – danger – it lies unclean thing, the owner opens the possibility of “sinking” as a Russian submarine. Beware of this man if you meet for the first time with him. But if you know him long, maybe this is a way to give you the number of GSM – and his hope to get yours.
  • Giving foreign business cards instead its a sign of very bad taste. Bosses who forced his subordinates to give their business cards instead them for the same reason, do not allow them to make their own, just make their own snare legs. Or even on the neck. A slave to think – I think there is not work for me in this company.
Business Card of safecracker, (hopefully from those official) with nested lock pick.
Business Card of safecracker, (hopefully from those official) with nested lock pick.
  • In giving foreign cards on behalf of their owner must comply with certain rules. Note that this is a different case from the top and is admissible. When served by another person is taken to be folded a certain angle – upper or lower left. Because the symbolism of this folding is lost with age and is interpreted differently folds entire left side of the card or better yet to be written on it or accompanying sheet (greeting card) or conventional about cuts coming from French and preserved today. You’ll find them at the end of this article. This can happen, for example, on arrival of a member of the diplomatic staff. He sent to the employees in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs his business card , business card accompanied by the head of the diplomatic mission of the country.
  • Business cards can be sent by mail with an explanation of the reasons for sending the most generally accepted abbreviations at the end of the article.
  • Sending a business card in home replaced one visit. Meets with business card within 24 hours. In polite person concerned to bring his card in person. Such a card can fit following the end of cuts. The card is folded in one of her left corners, but only if you know exactly what angle to bend. When placed in an envelope, not folded and saves these onslaughts. If you know which corner why folds will be happy to share it because I have not been able to learn.
Sometimes card is itself folded, as this card of architect.
Sometimes card is itself folded, as this card of architect.
  • When a person has already been submitted to another and wish to enter into a relationship with him his card sway their home or office. If you wish to make contact with an unmarried person, then sent two cards, one for the host and his wife. A married couple or a married woman deposited a card of the man and wife in a card of two (or family card) for the woman. This is the only case in which it is generally used a family card.
  • When exchanging business cards must be respected traditions of the country you are in, regardless of your own home. For example, in Japan the business card is offered with both hands and is read carefully from beginning to end. As a sign of good feelings can do the same in their own country against the Japanese.
  • Receive a business card must be considered carefully and read. If any questions are asked at the same time without fear, then it’ll be uncomfortable. Home carefully and thoroughly or yours, or a special card holder. Very unpleasant impression made ​​as if filed grab your card and without heed January geraniums left pants pocket. Never do this.
Business Card of artist
Business Card of artist


When sending business cards that replace or return visits in the lower left corner fits handwritten corresponding abbreviation, which replaces certain words. These cuts may be as follows:

  • p. f. (pour feliciter) – for congratulation;
  • p. f.  J. N.  (pour feliciter Journée nationale) – of congratulation on the occasion of National Day;
  • p. f. N. A. (pour feliciter Nouvel Annee) – of congratulation on the occasion of New Year;
  • p. p. (pour presenter) – for part-time presentation;
  • p. f. с. (pour faire connaissance) – for the introduction and expression of satisfaction;
  • р. с. (pour condoleance) – speaking of condolences;
  • р. р. с. (pour prendre conge) – making farewell (part-time);
  • p. r. (pour remercier) – speaking of gratitude.
Business Card of stylist
Business Card of stylist

Writing of phone numbers

Phone numbers are in a certain format with precise rules:

  • If the card is in Bulgarian, it is sufficient to display only the code for long distance calls in parentheses , for example (062) 555174, but in this case, and preferably complete record of the species +359 (62) 555174; recently in connection with digitization brackets avoided;
  • If the card is in Bulgarian mobile number can be written (088) 5551742 , but also preferred type record +359 (88) 5551742;
  • numbers should be recorded as it would have been raised successfully from anywhere on the globe where there is a telephone, type record +359 (088) 5551742 is incorrect – if dialing internationally initial zero area code is dropped;
  • In parentheses separates code for the specific area or for a specific mobile operator , so for Bulgaria phones are displayed (088) or +359 (88) for Mobiltel (087) or +359 (87) for Vivacom (089) or : +359 (89) for Globul , type record: +359 (883) are incorrect – the digit 3 is not part of the typical operator (Mobiltel), but for its service (in this case Loop), which is often temporary;
  • Permissible instead of parentheses to separate the codes with dashes or simply leave a space (space is becoming more common and recommended) , for example +359 88 5551742 (do not call a phone that is not mine and do not even know whose it is);
  • It is permissible to group and other numbers separated by dashes, spaces, or points, but not recommended grouping was done once in order to easily associative remember, but each person creates their own associations different from those of other people and such grouping loses its meaning;
  • Plus the beginning of the recording replaces the prefix for international dialing home, some cards instead found two zeros 00359 62 555174, which is also acceptable, but not universal (eg in some countries initiating international dialing it with 011, not 00, that should dial 011 359 62 555 174, not 00 359 62 555 174, other countries, initial figures are more…) universality appears “+” that means in plain language “dial numbers here to start an international call”, and so the entry becomes valid worldwide .
Business cards of barbershops
Business cards of barbershops

I hope this article you have been useful, or at least curious.


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