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Business cards – a mandatory attribute of modern communication and protocol


Before drafting business card must fulfill the following:

  • to answer the following questions:
  • Whose will be the card?
  • What audiences will be given of?
  • What information you provide and how it will be presented?
  • How long it will be up to date information?
  • What funds are willing to give for its production?
Applied Business Card - can be used as household grater
Applied Business Card – can be used as household grater
  • To listen to the printing requirements of the printer where it will be printed:
  • font;
  • thickness of the font and thin lines;
  • distance between the figures and the text, and the end of the card – be ready is not the smallest… usually recommended is 0.5 cm further recommends 0.3 cm spacing to prevent deficiencies in cropping, especially in neednotsveten background;
  • limited colors and color scheme;
  • whether fonts are converted to Bezier curves or not I personally recommend to keep the last project before conversion , and the printer has to be given in the form of curves, .eps or .pdf file, it is mandatory if no other arrangement with printer or if you use a rare font, it even give them to the printer in the form of the program that are designed, must be agreed in advance to the version to be – printers usually work with legitimate software and possibly a lower version your;
  • type of paper – it is advisable to choose from available in the printer;
  • type polishing if required or recommend it from the printing depending on the printing and paper;
  • if is laminated, the actual card is slightly smaller, depending on the overlapping edges of the laminate (recently more frequently used);
Business card of hairdresser
Business card of hairdresser
  • to decide what print favorite: a large circulation (over 1000) is an appropriate use of offset printing from a financial perspective, a standard circulation probably the most trouble-free color laser printing.
Fabric Business Card
Fabric Business Card


  • typical business card material is cardboard 300 g/m2 , 250 g/m2 minimum;
  • sometimes it is appropriate to draw the card from self-adhesive film, especially if it is intended for “moving targets” – taped to a car, the card is mobile advertising;
  • artists, hairdressers, painters and other artists with generally prefer unconventional things, the same is true for the cards – I’ve seen as a folded card, brochure, cut-out or a person with modern hairstyle and more, these people do not need advice, and such cards have two major and minor advantages:
  • easy to remember;
  • shame is to be discarded.
Business Card of psychologist
Business Card of psychologist
  • in the choice of material is recorded how long the card will be used and how long it will be up to date information in it is pointless to make thousands of business cards at a time moving the offices of the company or personnel changes.


There are quite a few different sizes. Often the wrong size cause a card to fly immediately to the trash. Typical sizes of business card holders are 5/9 cm.

Really big cards
Really big cards

I think it is unnecessary to convince what is the appropriate size for business cards in this case. The choice is still yours:

  • 5/9 cm – Standard. Just standard. Adopted in Bulgaria, too;
  • 4/8 cm – Cards for ladies, women officials exchanged at any particular meeting. Their advantage is that they are smaller than the most common and can be slid in the card holder. But somehow… do not stay in place… Well, if you have cards of many wives, perhaps it is better to make a business card holder on demand.
  • 6/9 cm – Senior managers. But a lot of stick and play scissors.
  • 6/10 cm – Senior managers. Those guys are probably still higher than before. More “chips are chiselling” while they squeeze in card holder .
  • 5.5 / 8.5 cm – Eurostandart. With a little elbow grease can shove and they in business card holder. Maybe after we have already in Europe to start selling and European business card, you never know… So far, no such business card (or at least I have not seen ) .


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