Galina Mihaylova & Anton Ivanov
Забавна прозрачна визитка

Business cards – a mandatory attribute of modern communication and protocol

Types of cards according to the layout:

  • image-cards – using special or expensive technology, it is assumed that the image created for the owner – “for him nothing is impossible”, the practice shows that this “image” is not always positive – these cards can reveal under his pompous design snob, lover of kitsch or just a cheater, he decided to create the impression of a rich man;
  • functional business cards – the most popular cards with purely practical and functional, from which their name;
Truly functional business cards - they can feed you
Truly functional business cards – they can feed you
  • unique business cards – there’s always an opportunity to surprise someone with something “unseen” until now, although I falls whatnot:
Card, from which can be assembled model of aircraft
Card, from which can be assembled model of aircraft
  • cards – thermometers and clocks – measured temperature and time, as touch someone measured temperature, or time;
  • gravure image, laser printing;
  • business card – brochure about the thickness of a normal business card;
  • laser engraving of mikrolaminat;
  • papyrus;
  • parchment;
Curled like
Curled like “fortune” card from strange matter
  • leather;
  • wood – suitable card for woodcarver, for example, are not the most comfortable to wear, nor gather into business card holder, but can be placed on the department for decoration;
  • transparent business cards – my principles seemed genuine until I saw sided printing transparent card, which was, to put it mildly, strange … well nothing is reading it;
  • laminated cards;
  • cards, puzzles or something else is custom built;
Card, from which somebody can assemble things
Card, from which somebody can assemble things
  • business cards – CD, DVD, USB.
Business Card of DJ
Business Card of DJ
Business Card with USB Flash Memory
Business Card with USB Flash Memory
  • relief:
  • embossed paper;
  • embossing press with pressure applied using a special press;
  • embossing of the texts – with convex or concave letters;
  • cards, covered with fabric, leather or other thin embossed cover.
  • portrait / landscape – the best possible manner one card seem originally to design and print in the other direction (ie to be high rather than wide – “Portrait”), unfortunately in the business card holder stands a little “stupid” …
Vertical Business Card (
Vertical business card (“Portrait”)
Horizontal Business Card (
Horizontal business card (“Landscape”)
  • bilateral – in some countries are considered in bad taste, has not been investigated in which countries exactly which automatically leads to the recommendation to use only single-sided business cards, usually second hand left for notes, handwritten in an exchange – such as home phone, it also has exceptions – often made bilateral cards in two languages, or back to the map of the location of the office or other useful information. Despite the recommendation for one-sided card, for countries that have adopted the Cyrillic, Arabic, Chinese or other symbols can not be denied that bilateral bilingual business cards are convenient .


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