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Business cards – a mandatory attribute of modern communication and protocol


  • larger “big-boss” the owner of the business card, the less things contain his card;
  • cluttered with more information card does not work as, on the contrary – wrong;
  • main goal – to provide unambiguous information about the personality and business.
Pilates Trainer
Pilates Trainer


Here I will try to do a classification of different types of cards according to their property, as intended by the design and content.

Pretty bloody-looking business card, but it is a graphic designer
Pretty bloody-looking business card, but it is a graphic designer

Types according to ownership:

  • business cards for “big-bosses” – only the name and title;
  • diplomatic cards – senior government officials and diplomats:
Diplomat Business Card
Diplomat Business Card
  • the address is not necessarily;
  • instead placed crest logo or state flag;
  • companies – may violate the rules of etiquette , and advertising because they are not tied to a specific person, but the whole company or division of a company;
  • really business cards – business contacts, simple layout and content;
  • personal – allow free rules and characterize specific person, for example:
  • lawyer – strong;
  • a circus clown – colored;
  • designer – “designer”, original;
  • of the image-maker, toastmaster, organizer of the celebrations and more similar – would be suitable smiling face, etc.;
Funny transparent card
Funny transparent card
  • family cards – their name is eloquent (may sound ridiculous, and I have not done a thorough analysis of the causes, but my observations show that only “unhealthy” families up such cards);
  • combined – a combination of personal and corporate, the most common type in the country and highlighted business contacts, they somehow certify that the owner of the card is available to business 24/7 (24 hours a day, 7 days a week), then giving and home phone service card.
Business card of plastic surgeon
Business card of plastic surgeon

By usage :

  • cards “boyfriends-girlfriens” – only the name, address and no landline telephone, in rare case and in tremendous favor of the spirit of the owner of the content may be present and a mobile phone, it is assumed that the published telephone number is a prepaid card that can to change in the first instance;
  • official and unofficial – official cards are subject to diplomatic etiquette and roughly the same as business cards “boyfriends-girlfriens” – only the name and posittion with a space underneath for addition of further information by hand the traditional informal informational cards that exchanged only in informal communication;
  • dating cards – only name and surname, or at least basically – they are often used for complex or odd writing or pronouncing names;
Business Card of graphic designer
Business card of graphic designer
  • informative cards – this is the most common type of cards – fulfill the essential purpose – to provide basic and most important information about the owner or company, and sometimes the owner and the company, provide the shortest and most detailed information (sounds impossible, but it should be);
Business Card of broker
Business Card of broker
  • special cards – special purpose insurers such as business cards made ​​of sticky tape – it allows to the windshield of insured vehicles;
  • representative – include only general company data and most are printed for a specific event – conference, workshop, etc.;
  • off – combined with a coupon for a visit, the time and date for a meeting or reception – used by dentists, hairdressers and others. similar positions.


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