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Brief guide to oral sex for women

Brief guide to oral sex for women

Brief guide to oral sex for women

Special thanks to Nadia P. from Sofia

Oral sex is the ultimate form of sexual intimacy with which we can show your feelings to your partner.

This guide is intended for women.

Lesson 1:

Oral sex is one of the greatest pleasures that a woman can deliver to your partner. Even if your partner asked you not to open it, then be sure that he wants.

First look at the penis. I do not mean a quick superficial glance. Take enough time to predispose partner. Men are particularly sensitive when it comes to their penis. Ask your partner to lie on his back. Hold his penis in his hand and looked at him.

Perhaps at this point your partner will get an erection. When you begin to touch his penis will become harder. To view well essential parts must erect penis – can not be hard. The individual parts are very sensitive to stimulation with lips and tongue.

The first thing you’ll notice is that your partner is circumcised or not. Circumcision is not a universal practice and has its advantages and disadvantages in terms of oral stimulation, which is the ultimate pleasure for your favorite.

Then look at the whole body. Trunk of the penis is composed of two polutela that erection fill with blood. Roughly speaking these two polutela like sausage or split lengthwise and together form the shaft of the penis. In its upper part has a retaining flange, which is of larger diameter (not always) of the rest of the stem. This is the “head” of the penis.

The place where the head joins the shaft of the penis is the most sensitive spot in him. That’s where you should focus your when you make oral sex.

If you look at the head of all countries will see the place where the two parts of these polutela join (lower head). If your partner is not circumcised there is attached and the skin that covers the head of the penis when it is not erect. This is the most sensitive part of the body of a man. You can bring your partner to climax simply by gently tongue attached directly to this place. Take time to play gently with the head of the penis and the area around it.

Under the head of the penis trunk. The trunk is equipped with many nerves and is therefore not excited many man in oral or manual stimulation. Note that 99% of arousal in the male comes from stimulation of the head rather than the shaft of the penis. Very common misconception among women is to think that sucking shaft of the penis and move your head up and down excited man. The man turns in this type of stimulation because “swallowers” and back of the throat directly stimulates the head of the penis, not because they suck stem. Much better effect is achieved if suck and lick the head, but deep absorption penis great pleasure.

Then there are the testicles (balls, balls, eggs – call them what you wish). They are very sensitive to pain and are not usually subject to erotic stimulation. If so, you’re wrong! You can add a lot of pleasure in the erotic game, especially the testicles. But for them later.

At the top of the penis is a hole through which is discharged semen (sperm) in the ejaculate.

There are other parts of the man’s body that are sensitive to oral stimulation. Many men are sensitive in the area of ​​their nipples. However, others are not. Find itself out which type is your favorite.

In conclusion – well look at your partner’s penis. Study it. Find areas of its sensitivity and apply what they have learned tongue and lips over your partner’s body. There is nothing better with which you can show your love to your partner by the worship of his penis and his oral stimulation.

Lesson 2:

The sad fact is that most women do not know how to suck dick. Common misconception is that paw penis lustfully and moving his head up and down while the man finished, the woman concerned has become a specialist in oral sex. This is not so. When I first did oral sex, and I thought so. Had no one to turn to for advice. Of course, you can start off guard, but better to know how to deliver the ultimate enjoyment of your favorite.

Suppose you have used the opportunity to look at your partner’s penis, to explore every part of it and find the sensitive point. You probably already know that some places are more sensitive than others.

To monitor the reactions of your partner try the following: While his erect penis pointing upwards grab his balls in one hand and gently lick the entire underside of the penis in length. When you get to the part where he started his head slightly and gently suck. So you can find out which part of the penis is the most sensitive and delivers the greatest pleasure of your favorite. Unless he is made of stone will get clear signs where he enjoyed the greatest pleasure.

Once you find these areas – concentrate on them. For most men this is the ring where the head joins the shaft and which is attached (or was attached before circumcision) skin covering the head.

Long licking and stimulating the part of the penis will make your partner over. If you are inexperienced and want to please him quickly, then I suggest you do just that, to get acquainted with the nature of his orgasm.

When he is ready to do you will notice changes in his penis. They will be the same every time, so you can prepare for his orgasm. The head of the penis can be made slightly larger than at the time of erection. He can move his hips forward, which is a reflex when men cum. For most women just before orgasm tip of the penis appear one or more drops of clear liquid. When this happens you will know that the best will happen every time.

Where should you be when you suck his penis? Between his legs, top in 69 position? Where? Due to the structure of his penis, as well as the structure of your mouth, lips, tongue and teeth, you can get the most enjoyment for you and your partner by kneeling between his legs and his penis reach the bottom instead of the top or side. If you do not believe me try different positions (later I will describe what techniques to use for them) and see which is best for you and your partner.

Lesson 3:

Take a hard dick in his mouth, but not cross your lips around his trunk. Start swirling motion with his head. His penis will rub in different places in your mouth as you continue the circular motion. Be careful with the teeth at this time. Position where your knees in front of him is good, but just as good a position where your partner is lying, and your head is directly over his penis.

Rolling motions must be made deliberately in clockwise and counterclockwise. This great pleasure to her husband and can last longer. I had several orgasms while practicing this technique.

Lesson 4:

While your partner stands and you’re kneeling in front of him lift his penis, which is already slightly hard to find his testicles. Insert the tongue in the lower part of his testicles. Now as you hold his testicles with your wet tongue lick the whole penis to its very peak. You can help with your hands.

The technique is as if licking ice cream Eskimo. Few men endure prolonged stimulation thus without end.

Lesson 5:

Most used technique in the world is this. Take his penis in your mouth but not deeply. Later we will discuss the deep absorption. Take his penis sliding moist tongue over the head until your lips covered trunk just below where the head joins him. Do not just open your mouth and close it around his penis. Do it with pazgane – it gives him more pleasure

Wrap the shaft of the penis with your hand.

Now you have several options. Try twisting your head from side to side as you moist lips stay in contact with the edge where the head and trunk are connected. While doing this gently move your hand up and down the trunk. When he did may want to push your head, so take his whole penis. While you learn better gently suck the edge where the head and trunk join until it ends. When you get more experience you can quite accurately determine the time of his orgasm.

Lesson 6:

There is a technique in addition to the front, which can be used to induce a stronger orgasm.

If you put your thumb at the base of the penis to block the channel through which the sperm moves then it can not come out even if he got cramps typical reflex ejaculation. If at the same time vigorously suck the head of his penis you can delay orgasm with him some time. When he finally let the sperm come out, it will orgasm lasts longer as time and will be more intense.

It’s amazing how such simple techniques repeatedly increase the pleasure of the man. Techniques described are based on oral sex. Try them and become an expert not only in technology but also in the interpretation of the reactions of your partner so that you know what a challenge with every action.

Lesson 7:

One of the first things you notice when you start practicing oral sex is a reflex in which most men are trying to put his penis in your throat as you can, especially in the moment end.

The average length of the mouth is 7.5 to 9 cm. Average length of the penis in European men is 10 to 14 cm.

This does not mean that you can not take the whole penis. You can learn to do it. The main problem is that there is an angle of almost 90 degrees between the mouth / your tongue and throat. Should take a position where your mouth and throat tube form, which is almost straight. Most comfortable to lie down on the bed on her stomach and head up where your partner will be able to reach such a way as to take his whole penis.

Lesson 8:

In deep penetration is a physical reaction that must be overcome. The natural reaction of the body when something penetrates your throat to drown. To overcome it (much easier than you think) you just have to relax your throat. It is important to keep your throat relaxed throughout the deep penetration. Allow your partner to put his penis in your throat and hold until you find the most convenient way to proceed. In this position you are unable to stimulate your partner, but try napravite you can with language.

To be able to relax you have to trust your partner completely. He controls the situation. He must carry out the movement. This is the only case in which you are in control of the situation to your partner. He will enjoy the fact that you can put your penis in your throat as he wants. Your partner begins moves back and forth, which are like a conventional intercourse. He should start slowly especially if it is a new experience for both of you.

Another warning: Do not push your partner when you feel that it will end. This is very uncomfortable for him. Due to the position where you are in bed, you will not have to swallow his semen, as the tip of his penis behind the pharynx and you just do not have to swallow. During his orgasm his semen goes directly into your stomach. If you believe and you have no psychological barriers to do then there is no problem.

You may not be able or do not want to learn to do deep swallowed. You must allow your throat to relax while your partner puts his penis in your throat.

To do this long enough so that your partner can do the necessary practice and it should be understood that

Lesson 9:

Let us now turn our attention once again a part of the anatomy of your partner – his testicles.

Men are very sensitive when it comes to their testicles as in previous lesson must have complete trust between the partners to allow you to do with his balls whatever you decide. Begin by gently licking his testicles. When your partner is aroused, you can start playing with his nipples and stroking his penis while licking his testicles.

Remember that the testicles are very sensitive to pain and you will lose the trust of your partner if you do not respect the boundaries that he put just as you have the right to put limits uptake in the neck until you are ready.

When you have built complete confidence you can take both his testicles in his mouth. The easier it will be if the pre-moisten them with language. Usually men have hair on the testicles, so do not expect your partner to shave right there. If advance lick his balls hairs it will get wet and will adhere, in which the probability of causing pain pluck it without you decline.

Lesson 10:

This is a very simple technique and if you understand the basic anatomy of the penis of your partner will learn easily.

Wetting his lips and put them around the head of his penis. Turn them gently around the edge where the head joins the shaft. This does not require any special skills and even work only because there is the most sensitive spot on the penis. Sucking this place can cause quick and strong orgasm. Another purpose for which you can use to do it hard again once it has finished.

Lesson 11:

How to make your partner’s penis hard again after he has done once? Probably each of you has asked this question.

The majority of men feel quite tired after orgasm and may have needed a lot of effort before you can get your partner to do it again. It is necessary to apply comprehensively technique to achieve this and oral stimulation can be combined with each other.

Explore the entire body of your partner and find all his erogenous zones. Organize his “bathroom language” – lick it anywhere – it’s stimulating.


Flight of the butterfly

At best position for oral sex is kneeling over your partner. If he is lying on his back kneel between his legs. If he’s right kneel before him. I prefer this position because we feel his penis thicker in the mouth and throat and have the freedom to play with his testicles.

Take the head of the penis in his mouth and put his lips on the edge of the junction of the head and trunk. With tongue slightly Tap the tip of the penis. With open mouth around the penis at a depth so that the tip of the tongue can reach the tip of the penis, touch the tip of the penis with the tip of the tongue. With lips around the shaft of the penis you can move your tongue up and down around the top.

After several minutes, alternating continue this combination with standard vacuum suction – this means better dampen his lips and slowly and gently suck on your partner’s penis and he gradually enter into your mouth.

Figure 8

With lips around the shaft of his penis try very slowly to reach the base of the penis or as far as you can. Try to write the number 8 nose though the eight horizontal. Eight should be about 8-10 cm high. Move up and down the penis head and back while describing eight with his head. Continue as long as you want. Believe me – your partner is as launched into orbit during this time.

When you get tired of eights continue traditional vacuum suction.

You can also use another technique. Take the penis as you can. In this situation, your lips should be around its trunk. Now open your mouth and start a to run the air through it while moving my mouth back to the head of the penis. Inhalation should do when you are at the end of the penis. Now without closing the mouth begin to exhale and simultaneously move down the penis. This technique cools the penis while inhaling and exhaling when it warms.


Put his hard dick in her mouth, but not squeeze his lips around the shaft. With a head start circular motion. His penis will rub in your mouth. Be careful with your teeth.

Ice Cream

While your partner is, and you’re kneeling in front of him, lifting his penis, which is already slightly hard to find his testicles. Insert the tongue in the lower part of his testicles. Now as you hold his testicles with your wet tongue lick the whole penis to its very peak. You can help with your hands.



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