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Brief guide to oral sex for men

Brief guide to oral sex for men

Brief guide to oral sex for men

Origin unknown, editing and additions to my…

Oral sex is the ultimate form of sexual intimacy with which we can show your feelings to your partner.

This guide is intended for men…

Lesson 1:

Most women worry about their bodies.

Even if you’re the most amazing woman, she worried how it looks in your eyes. Tell her she’s beautiful, tell her which part of her body like best, tell her anything that you think will put her at ease.

Talk to her. Silence is golden only sometimes. Attack her brain, her sensuality. Observe January Watch her ​​reactions carefully. Noises, the reactions of the muscles of the grains, the other parts of the body.

Sooner or later we will look at and between the legs. Better late than early… ;-). “Never” is not as singing the familiar song, so that supposedly are normal people …

What do you see? Beautiful, is not it? There is nothing that makes a woman unique, as there between the legs … (of course, talking nonsense, but you should have and fiction …. The truth is that this is just one of the things that make it unique). There are a variety of sizes, shapes and colors. Some are tucked inside like little girls, while others have thick juicy lips that are outside to greet applause. Some are nested in bushes of hair, while others are covered with a light, almost invisible moss.

Pay attention to these things. Exciting is not it? Share it with your partner. Prove to her that those of its features make it unique for you. Special. Unique. I’m sure at this point even it and think … 😉 (women who read this will excuse me, but you wrote it up – just for men! … Empty female curiosity… 😉

Arousal in women begins in the brain. Make her words to think about it. To think about. Women are better than men to express in words, especially during intercourse. The more they speak, the easier it will predispose.

Some prefer to hear things as they are. Some even grossly cynical. Others not quite. Prefer gentle words. But I think everyone likes to be told things veiled so as to call to mind the real thing, without saying outright. Well, that maybe not everyone will achieve, but nothing prevents try … with repeated attempts, maybe you can do this successfully …

But in any event, forget the silence …

Lesson 2:

Gently dissolve the labia majora and look small, even licking them if you want. The point is to find your partner’s clitoris.

Women have different sizes clits, just as we have different size penises. This has nothing to do with the power of orgasm.

When and touching the clitoris of a woman, make sure that your finger is wet. You can lick it or moisten it by its fragrant juices.

But it is imperative to make sure that your finger is wet before touching it because the clitoris is very sensitive. If your finger is dry, it will stick to the clitoris, which is painful. And this pain outset as lost trust – then very difficult to recover … actually almost always lose the “battle” at the outset …

To be able to evaluate what is going on, carefully observe the reaction of your partner. Forget selfishness.

Lesson 3:

Before the woman aroused, the clitoris is too delicate for rough action. Even if it is obviously horny, do not get caught up in it. Touch her slowly. Woman, even more than man likes to be excited. But right there.

Not directly there !!!

The clitoris is its most delicate point. Lick it, kiss it, draw on it with his tongue. Draw near dangerously close to her vagina, but only for a moment, then again focus on her clit. Expected to make a woman act, it wants you to pray to bury his hands in your hair (if you have hair not pick care – and ears can do the same job 😉

Now start licking entrance to her vagina. Touched his lips gently, without squeezing to increase her excitement. Once you have done this so that the woman is twisting your body with excitement and tried to press your head firmly against her then put your lips right on top of her crack. Kiss her gently, then carefully and gradually louder.

Lesson 4:

Use your tongue to separate her lips and then slowly start to move from top to bottom and vice versa. Gently spread her legs more. Everything you do to the woman, should be done gently.

Lesson 5:

Technique “Sex with language.” Woman lacks attention to her clit. Check it out. See if her clit has become hard enough and is full. If so, start kissing him. If you do not feel the tiny pearl, you can force it to harden, you start licking the soft skin that covers it.

But this time, sucking hard, pressing his face between her legs. “Hit” tongue her clit. Do it quickly.

When you feel that women will reach orgasm, shape your lips in the letter “O” and so take the clit into your mouth. Start to suck gently, then harder and see the woman’s face for her reaction. If she raises and twisting your body, follow her movements, do not fight it. Continue to hold the hot lips on her clitoris. Do not miss the moment. Do not stop too soon.

Watch the woman’s body will feel is what you should do.

Lesson 6:

There are other ways to make a woman’s pleasure intensified.

You can settle for a finger vaginally while she enjoys your talent in licking her clit. This really appeals to women, though initially opposed.

Furthermore, the clitoris, the woman has another very erogenous zone at the top of the cervix at the front. This is the so-called G-spot. You can find it gently with your fingers.

While licking the clitoris of the woman slowly slide two fingers in the vagina. A finger is too thin for this purpose, three are too many. Make sure your fingers are well moistened, not to injure sensitive delicate skin. Dissolve carefully labia. Vagina must also be well moistened. If not, go back to the first lesson …; -§)) … preparation. Insert the finger slowly portionwise. Return. First move them slowly and then faster. Do it rhythmically. Increase the speed. Listen all the time her breathing, watch her ​​reactions. Do not forget your fingers and become rough.

If you satisfy the combined tongue and fingers, you turns her on so much more than your penis makes it alone. So you can count that it will excite many. If in doubt, check for symptoms. Every woman is unique. One can express his excitement with hardening nipples, other grains can be cured only with orgasm. Maybe her face turns red when excited or starts to tremble. Eyes became moist and tender. The eyes are large the rat. More moisture in the eyes may know how moisture below.

Learn to recognize the symptoms to be more sensitive, gentle lover.

Lesson 7:

During her orgasm, not separate from the woman. On the contrary, press your tongue to the clitoris as your lips should cover the top of it. Move your tongue. If your fingers are in her vagina, and move them too, but gently. The woman is now extremely sensitive. If you’ve done everything right, it will get multiple orgasm.

Lesson 8:

One last tip: When you make a woman do, do not leave yet. Talk to her nails scratch her ​​body, kiss her breasts. Keep making love to her until they calm her excitement. A man can become immediately out of bed or to sleep without any remorse, no sense of loss of something . But the woman with its nature requires some tenderness and protection of her lover right in those first few moments after sex. Do not ignore them!

Lesson 9:

But take a step back. You have achieved orgasm with your tongue or tongue and fingers. At this point she wishes you insane. Do not deprive anymore. It is ready to fully take you. Do not delay and start foreplay again. Just entered her and continue intensively without delaying it until it’s over again … or maybe several times. Although achieving orgasm with fingers and tongue, the feeling is not complete – it can make myself. Perform January It will reward you with the most powerful orgasm ever encountered.


Now here and write to you things will hardly think of them right now, when you need it. Remember one thing: DIVERSITY !!!! Improvise, try, do not overdo it, do not carve and paint with lips and tongue … enjoy, but watch carefully the reactions of your partner … watch all available to muscle in your eye, eye, raising the abdomen, the condition of both nations and other verbal, not hardening nipples, clitoris, if you like, and bristled the hair of the pubic mound …. if any … All the details are important.

Enjoy it. This is very essential if you want to be good at oral sex. If you went to him with enthusiasm of the condemned man, who served the last supper, the launch will not be successful.

Neither sequel – whatever it is.

Time counts. Oral sex should last longer than boiling an egg, but shorter than the time needed to roast a chicken.

Replace techniques. Try to penetrate the vagina with your tongue or fingers while licking and biting her clit. Ask your partner what most excites her or watched her on what and how to respond. So you’ll know whether your approach is correct.

There is a technique, the technique of “Big Moustache”, which not everyone can perform. And to not irritate the majority, will announce personally… 😉


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