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Are our products a “chemistry”?

Are our products a “chemistry”?

Are our products a “chemistry”?

Have you heard the phrase that our products are “chemistry”?

We often hear it. Naturally, people who “know everything” say it. In fact, they do not know anything about our products.

I understand them.

The main method by which our products are produced is “cold lyophilization”.

Nowadays, lyophilization (vacuum sublimation) is the most perfect and completely harmless method of preserving.

Lyophilization allows to preserve the high taste and nutritional value of different food products for a long time (up to 5 years) at temperatures from -50 to +50 degrees.

In the production of food products lyophilization is a technology of moisture separation from them, by vacuum, still while they are fresh. This allows in practice (up to 95%) to preserve nutrients, vitamins, trace elements, preserving even their original form, natural aroma, taste and color.

One of the most important merits of lyophilization is the slight deformation of the structure and composition of the starting product. This allows the best possible avoidance of its destruction. The initial structure of the porous lyophilized products is fully restored upon recovery of their original water content.

By means of lyophilization, fruits, vegetables, dairy products, meat, fish, soups, pasta, mushrooms, spices, royal jelly and many other products are excellently preserved. Under lyophilization, they are widely used both as ready-to-cook products and as semi-finished products for further industrial processing (confectionery, food concentrates, meat, dairy, perfumery, beekeeping, etc.).

Lyophilization technology involves two main stages: freezing and drying. Vacuum-freeze drying from the product removes moisture by evaporation of the ice. When moistened lyophilized products quickly return to their original state.

The high quality and biological excellence of this technology is explained by the fact that only fresh (fresh) products can be subjected to lyophilization (vacuum sublimation). Here, “fresh” is only a few hours after their picking. Even a little more delay makes the products unsuitable for this process.

For example, storing strawberries before processing should not exceed 8 hours from the time they are picked, for apricots this period is 12 hours, for peaches – 24 hours.

Preservation by lyophilization excludes the use of chemical and other flavors, preservatives, stabilizers, and the like additives. This is a great asset and such products are perfectly suited for child, diet and healthy nutrition.

The weight and volume of lyophilized products are from 1/5 to 1/10 of the original. The low weight and volume of the lyophilized products is an extremely important factor in significantly reducing the cost of transporting the products despite the application of special control measures during transport.

Of course, the body is the only property of a person with whom he or she fully possesses. Everyone decides how to take care of themselves.

I love my body and I prefer to choose the best for it! This allows me to feel great and look good. The same goes for my wife. We would like this for our children and grandchildren too.

Everyone can check it by visiting us.

It will be our pleasure to teach him to take care of himself as he deserves.



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