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Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael (The Day of Michael)

(November 8)

Tonight we are guests of the Angel (messenger), Angelina (messenger), Archangel (chief angel) Gabriel (God’s fort), Gabriel, Emil, Emilia (rival), Emiliana (rival), Emilian (rival), Lina, Mila Milen, Milena, Milio, Michael, Michaela, Michael (God), Plamen, Rada, Radka, Radivoy, Radko, Radoslav, Radostin, Raiko, Raina, Raycho, Rangel, Raphael, Raya, Ruska, Rusi, Rusko, Seraphim, Ruslan, Ognjan.

Archangel Michael
Archangel Michael

I (Galina) accept gifts, too, so that’s my birthday –, and even better 1000 Sofia, PO Box 1163, Galina Mihaylova. Usually I’m still back that many Michael there beside me, so at least here to write.

Day of butchers, sausage, policemen.

According to popular belief Michael was the angel who descends in every dying and brings his soul. It is believed that it is the most fair among the saints as “fails nor rich nor poor” when they come to an end. The feast is made an offering for the saint, as the table except myasoto put and red wine and two loaves, named Michael.

Ritual table: ritual bread, red wine, sheep meat

Aralangelovden, Hrangeluvden, Rangelovden, St. Rangel, Festival of St. Michael the Archangel – the main focus of the customs of that day and the name of the holiday is determined by the popular belief that St. Rangel is one of six brothers heroes, who in the division of the world dropped dead. He pulls out the soul of man, and it is called soul-reaper. In many areas of the country on this day for offering sacrifice saint ritual breads are made with a plastic similar to that of the loaves prepared for a funeral or memorial service. Most often they are called RANGELOV dish Rangel lyap chapel. The oldest home break bread like a cross, watered it with wine and blesses “Sv.Arhangele, St. Nicholas and all Saints, help us honor you and logging him, was born rye ceiling! …” . Distributed to wheat, which each takes two hands – to be abundant, and called: “The beans, the cups and health.” With St. Michael is connected to one of the largest temples in the year – Rangel Souls. On this day held a solemn service in the church, then began visits with same names. In many places, organize rural duty to make health services.

According to the Orthodox Church St. Michael is one of seven domineering angels always stand before the Lord. In iconography he is depicted with a spear in hand with feet trampling the devil. Michael presents the word of God, the angel Gabriel was awarded the mysteries of God, Raphael – healer of ills, Uriel – educator of souls Salathiel is prayer and advocate before God Iehudiil is celebrating the Lord and Barakel is the originator of God’s blessings. Angels are the guardians of the human race, and each person gets to birth an angel – a guardian.


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