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Blagovets, Blagoveshtenie, Annunciation, Annunciation Day

(March 25)

Tonight we are visiting: Blagoĭ, Blago, Blaga, Blagovest, Blagovesta, Bonka, Boncho, Marian, Mariana, Mariyan, Mariyana.

Virgin appeared the archangel Gabriel
Virgin appeared the archangel Gabriel

Mother’s Day

It is believed that today come spring birds and nature finally awakens. Morning everyone must leave the house stuffed with money in your pocket. Required hostess prepared “Ribnik” – baked fish stuffed with rice and onions, also cooked crabs. Good to eat for the first time something green – nettles, sorrel or dock to flow into the body of man “new blood.”

Ritual table : fish (baked or boiled), striped cake, luchnik.

Annunciation, Blagoveshtene, Blagovets – People believe this day is associated with the arrival of migratory birds and the final spring awakening of nature. After Annunciation everyone looks to leave the house stuffed with money in his pocket, so if you cucks cuckoo to be all year round and stuffed with money. It is believed that if one sees a stork does not fly but lying or walking, they will happen. If a girl or a boy first sees swallow three times tied empty towel, put it on the roof and then three days later it guess what (what) will take. This day operations involving encouraging matter what attribute of the holiday. Sow vegetables and grafted fruit trees to be “good” , “frighten” the trees that do not bear fruit, mark the lamb because it is believed that less will hurt them. Beekeepers open the hives and let the bees to collect honey sweet. Pierce their daughters’ ears and give them earrings. It is believed that the Annunciation of the strongest poison loses its power. According to the belief of that day out fairies and fairies. “Wake up and out of their holes” snakes and lizards. In this regard, there are a number of ritual actions by traditional beliefs and have a protective effect run away. Before dawn fires one or three jobs or all corners of the yard and put cow dung smoke and drove reptiles. Children and old ring bells and run around the yard and house. These actions are accompanied by special spells: “Run away, snakes and lizards, today ‘s Annunciation” or “Run, snakes, Annunciation will traps you” and others. When jumping over the fire, lads, the boys legs slightly, not bites them in the summer. As for the women, they do not sew “not to punch snakes” no knead bread “that will shrink coil over it.” In Western Bulgaria morning of Annunciation in the village girls get up and sing special blessing songs.

In the calendar of the Christian church holiday is approved in the VII century on this day, nine months before the birth of Christ, the Virgin appeared the archangel Gabriel. He tells her that he would become the mother of the son of God. This nice good news gives the name of the holiday – Annunciation.

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