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Amman SPAM

Amman SPAM

Amman SPAM

Almost certainly you already become annoying SPAM-a (spam) in your mailbox.

If only SPAM, fine, but almost always it contains viruses or other malicious widgets. Probably wondering how to fight these things. And if you do not like anything will “brightened” with such “happiness” and all your correspondents of your address book or any other list through your computer.
It is advisable to follow a few simple but mandatory rules:

• If you are viewing your mail directly from WEB-interface never not click or download attachments as you do not expect. Especially with the extension .COM,. EXE,. SCR, .VBS, .HTA, .PIF, .LNK or other questionable… They must have some malware or viruses. Similar is the case with .ZIP files with passwords whose passwords they wrote in the same letter – content is also a virus. And do not have a password, if you do not expect – do not open!

• If you look at your mail with a mail client, eg MS Outlook or Outlook Express, we hope that you have refreshed antivirus program that will stop viruses before they enter your computer. I personally prefer MS Security Essentials or in certain cases avast! Free Antivirus, as I create the least problems from incompatibility with many programs that use.

• Be sure to use an antivirus program that has the ability to check and your inbox.

• Do not turn off the firewall in Windows … on the Web are not all benevolent … even I would say wishers are few.

• You might want to run Task Manager-a (most easily done by pressing once on the Ctrl + Alt + Del) and try to remember (better – to save) applications and processes that run resident (without them notice) in a clean computer and then each installation of a new program. Knowing this by glancing at what tinker with your computer without your knowledge. So if you see something strange, will be given to find a trojan or a virus before it picked your antivirus program. Stop unknown process or program (by highlighting and clicking on the “End Task”) and look for a specialist to terminate the automatic startup of this most malicious widget. Until then stop it manually in the same way even with the startup, because it will almost necessarily start immediately.

• Sometimes even that is not enough, because if it says the process that creates a malicious widget, for instance “Pamela.exe” or “XXXfree.exe” well, you will know it even if you have not seen this process before, but if it is named “WinUpdate.exe” would hardly think that this is a trojan horse. Option to find widgets such resident is the following procedure. Off all programs that use the Internet without your participation – these are various instant messaging, antivirus programs automatically refresh and others. similar to the condition in which you think should not download anything from the Internet. In the command window index (fastest start typing in the box START / RUN or the START / PERFORMANCE cmd and press ENTER) to run the command netstat – a – n and you look at what he wrote in the column Foreign Address. If there is then written external addresses (other than the IP addresses of your internal network), then there is something that creates additional traffic and need to find out what is likely to stop it. In the description of the detailed combat this thing creates unwanted traffic would follow some technical shenanigans that will confuse the head only read them, but can bring your operating system up blocking, so I prefer not to write anything about them. I will tell you that there are many places which can automatically run residential programs without your knowledge and you should check them and clean them all.

• Create your habit and ask your correspondents to do the same – when you need to send a file attachment, must first send a plaintext letter warning of file dispatches the next letter. Otherwise delete any mail with an attachment, even if it is your first boyfriend or girlfriend.

• Do not trust the recipient’s address – often sending malicious widget there lives happily behalf of someone close to someone who does not even know that his behalf was sent this shit.

• If possible, disable the display of the picture by default when reading your mail. Often downloading of images from the server the sender sender of malicious email can understand that such an address (your) actually exist and you sarin ads or viruses. Very often spam to not understand that it is unwanted (SPAM), is only an advertising image. But look at it, you can create additional difficulties even without opening the attachment.

• If the program that read your mail, allows, set filters so as to prevent SPAM. So at least it will reduce its activities in watching or delete junk mail. But then look at it still occasionally SPAM folder where this is collected – there may be a letter sent and whose place is at the side letters.

• Contact with the maintenance of your mailing server (usually this is the type of address support @ yourdomain (or search the address where you read your mail) and ask how to fight unwanted messages.’ll Be answered with certainty because it is a universal scourge. examples has an address, which you can forward spam and there support specialists can analyze it to understand where and how to circulate and neutralize a large extent. this address is possibly other mail servers have similar addresses.

• Try not you become distributors of SPAM. I hope you have enough reasonable person and think that if distributing a letter to the people of my entire list of addresses you happen something good to help someone or win the lottery. Better think about them sometimes they write simple letters – that’s enough to make them happy. Or if you know someone who can help something specifically address the letter to him, not to those who think, or whose addresses you know.

• Share information with friends and acquaintances about the things that you are going in the net … may be useful.

• If you do not know what you’re doing, if they go digging through the Registry, you better not do it. Distance myself from any responsibility that you have deleted something ignorance or inattention. Do not do this yourself at home! Leave it to the experts …;-)

• And as they say “last but not least” – do not rush to accuse recorded as senders of spam mails containing viruses or rude and angry – they may not even know of their name spread things and not infected with any viruses horses, worms or other critters. If you do decide to do it, do it gently and competently – be sure that the person will be embarrassed enough and will properly test your computer for viruses and no rude words and insults.

Well …. Success!

p.s. For too much blondes: Do not send mail to support @ yourdomain – this address almost there … Try something familiar example,,, or something. ;-)))


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