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A story about a good man

A story about a good man


A story about a good man

Recently I quite active. Some may take it even “aggressive.” I’ll tell you a story to explain why this is so.

There is one person whom I appreciate that. Woman colleague once. Great, always soul of the company. All love her. There is no telling how much good is done because it is impossible to list. All she had, give it to others in need.

But she started growing by. Break a leg, and that made things even worse. Losses mood. Losses optimism. How many times invited her to come to us, she didn’t. I do not know what frightened her. She came a culinary party, I could not recognize her. Not like appearance – like appearance was “she”, I could not recognize her as mood and appearance. I liked it a lot and expect to call and enroll in wellness group, yet she dreaded. I was not insistent enough to overcome her worries, whatever they were.

She call me. She call me to say that she had received a stroke.

I tell you this story not to scare you, and I’m sure she will heal. I tell it to you just to explain my behavior – why I become increasingly insistent and active, and quite aggressive. If that irritate someone, I guess because he wants to do something for yourself. He knows he needs to do it. But hard does not.

He’s smart, smart guy I’m sure but I have no explanation why he does nothing for himself but I do not want to feel guilty about his passivity and try it out of his “comfort zone.”

I do not want my friends “can get stuck.” I want they  be healthy, smiling and happy as it got me when I started to eat properly.

Proper balanced diet is not a “cure” but it helps the body alone to cope with damage in the present life. I do not promise anybody anything, but guarantee them they will feel better and full of energy.

If they get out of their comfort zone, visited us and follows our advice.

Look at the pictures – we are surrounded by young, energetic, smiling and positive people. Proper nutrition is not just about fat and tired. Proper nutrition is all about!

Everyone is welcome to us!


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