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A Few Words about Spiritualism

This is the meaning and content of spiritualism that is as ancient as a phenomenon as ancient and humankind. Spiritualism or necromancer is a science and practice of communicating with the souls of the dead. Scientists ceased to comment on whether there is a connection with the afterlife and if there is, why is it only available to certain people, such as Vanga.

In my opinion, everything about clairvoyance, various spells and many other phenomena hitherto unexplained by science, deals with life after death.
Black magic and its impact on man made ​​through various levels to address the connection to the afterlife, so I will focus briefly and this phenomenon.

It has been shown that the human body at the time of death, lost some of their weight. What’s happening at this moment? What energy leaves the body at death? What feels when he died?

In the United States and elsewhere have conducted a number of interviews with people who suffered under different circumstances and for different periods of time in clinical death. Everyone says the same thing: that they felt relieved and then started to observe your body from some height, to hear the bustle of nearby around the body, and some of them can even tell the details of what happened then. They say no one has come back from the other world to tell what he saw there.

I know a man who many times in my presence he left our world and after he returned, told me in detail what he saw in the afterlife, with whom and for what is spoken.

The body is in front of me, the pulse can be detected with precision equipment, breathing too. Ignorant person would think he faces the dead. Sometimes the journey takes 20-30 minutes, sometimes hours, sometimes even a few hours. How does it work?

Speaking of biophysical field aura, astral body, but for me and ordinary people – that is the soul. Human soul, having a certain kind preserving image rights and storing all knowledge gained during his earthly life. I would like to make a clarification. Not concepts such as biophysical field aura, astral body, etc.. be used as a synonym for the human soul. Take aura – that is broadcasting the human body proved conclusively by Kirliyanovata photography. This term has no relation to the human soul. The astral body does represent physical invisible field – the lining of the human body.

Yet what is the soul? – It is difficult to explain in a few words, but I will try to do it. The most perfect form of communication with the souls of the dead to hear and see. What is actually the image of the dead, with whom we communicate? The image is accurate, disembodied projection of a living person. He can name your name and the names of their loved ones, to tell stories of his earthly life, to predict future events. So I think that ordinary people have found the most accurate and correct name for that which one goes in the afterlife – soul or spirit. The dead know everything – open the eyes of the living – those who have the gift to communicate with them, of course.

Some yogis who achieved perfection through continuous training and self-manage in life by their own desire to separate his soul from the body for a period of time that the average person would mean certain death. With yogis who can do that are made ​​different amazing experiments. This experiment was a famous Indian Yoga, whose body was placed in a coffin and buried in a tomb. After 24 hours, the coffin was dug up and buried alive. I mentioned that in the absence of the soul from the body, pulse and respiration are subtle and vital processes in the body are almost stagnant. Yoga buried in the coffin, he needs very little air to maintain delayed processes. In many cases, when yogis longevity is due to the fact that by separating the soul from the body during sleep, they actually slow the aging process in your body.

If during his earthly life one bad one can always fooled by the surrounding words, the soul, the dead can not happen, because the image of the dead is an exact copy of what was on the ground he or -good bad. He who has the gift to communicate with the dead, in the first moment can determine whose soul – good or bad person. Not without significance is the fact that the dead are not allowed to lie and many of the questions are not allowed to meet. However, they can be prepared enormous information everything. This, of course, can do only those people who have the gift to communicate in the most perfect way with them – to hear and see their souls. Throughout the world, such people are very few and the number of fingers.

Another way of communicating with the dead is only heard aloud without seeing the image. This is also a good way, as by a question and answer communication can get a wealth of information on everything, but after a long chat with the same spirits began to distinguish their voices and know who communicates. In many cases, the dead not only answer our questions. They can show shape what interests us. La can show us a room, such as it looked before 100-200 or 1000 years. Can show us the image of a man who is interested, but we have not seen, can show us the content of documents in a locked safe, etc. This, of course, can be seen and shown only to those who speak perfect way to communicate with the dead. It is through the inner vision of man, to be achieved by the cells of the human brain and the image shown in color, like a TV screen. This gift of communicating with the dead person has from birth to. In rare cases, it can occur in childhood, but most often occurs a little later.

We know that all my life people use very small part of their brain cells. Do not know what is the purpose of the rest of the cells of the human brain. Conditions on the ground are such that the average life expectancy is low. This period of time, say 60-70 years is not enough for a person to develop and use everything that is embedded in his mind. According to me, the man he needs many more years of life on earth to be able to develop and use everything at stake in it. In some people, in certain circumstances, accident, stress, etc.., In which the brain is affected, occur incomprehensible to us changes. I remember in school leading man who could perform all arithmetic operations with poly-numbers in mind. This gift was acquired after the injury front. In another case, a man was reading the thoughts of others. Woman sees the bodies of human beings and in X-ray machine. These miracles are due precisely to the fact that by some outside influence on the human brain, excite one or other centers that respond surprising. I mentioned that the gift of communicating with the dead lies in man from birth, but individuals manifests itself in different ages. In all ages it becomes possible impact on their brain cells without adversely affect normal consciousness.

While all unexplained phenomena mentioned above can happen to any of us, communicating with the souls of the dead must be embedded in man from birth to him. This gift can not be acquired – it or have it, or they do not. It’s hard to tell with words what are the sensations experienced what a man when that gift begins to manifest itself. Notwithstanding the skepticism of many will try to explain how it works.

I am convinced that the dead living human organism is an open operating system, which at a certain time and under certain circumstances can intervene both directly and remotely. It is at their discretion, because the dead know exactly when and at what age should begin to impact the consciousness of man, in whom lies the gift to communicate with them.

The first symptom of such communication with a person is that he began to feel a presence. This feeling is often accompanied by a sense of fear of something vague, headaches, fatigue, insomnia, startle during sleep, nausea and more. Such a situation, with intervals of attenuation of sensations and pain can last two, three years or more. Imperceptibly appears sense of passing a split second lightning in the brain. At first it was weak and faint, and with time and causing severe stress, such as from a blow to the head. Simultaneously lightning appears little noise in one or both ears simultaneously. The signal can be described as ringing in the ear or the hum of the radio when it is not a given wave. The development of the signal is strong and gradually fade. Usually the person hears his name – in the early morning when it is in sleep state and the atmosphere is free of noise. Is listening, looking and seeing that no one there. Returned to bed and thinks its so it seemed. But the voice comes again and again and again. Not only in the morning and often late at night. One hears not just his name, but entire short sentences. Sometimes the voice is barely audible, some of the words are lost.

So begins the dialogue with the afterlife. Later it became clear who he contacted his name when he lived on earth and why it is sent to us. This is just the beginning. Typically, this period lasts seven years. Then start learning better ways to communicate. In rare cases, learning can take place here on earth, without the need to go soul in the afterlife. Usually, however, after some preparation, training takes place in the afterlife. It will then describe in more detail below. I just want to point out that going to the afterlife through the soul, man can in a short time to acquire great knowledge. Moreover, voices from beyond the grave, I’m talking about are the voices of people who have lived on earth in the near or distant past, not the voices of aliens, gods and t.i.

Spiritualism know and imperfect ways to communicate with the souls of the dead: by cup, which displayed words on the board with a written alphabet in a circle; laced through with a key in the middle of a book that meets the various questions with yes and no; by the direction of rotation of different types of neighborhood and others. Is important and whether the practitioner spiritualism may cry dead whom you choose or rely on chance to appear one’s spirit.

Recently, many talk about the rebirth of the human soul. I have met in many newspapers and magazines materials from which each supposedly can check how many times was reborn as what and how many years ago lived. On television a lady assured us that President Mr. Zhelyu Zhelev was reborn by Ivaylo were listed many names of current and past greats of their incarnations. For me it is a cheap sensation, since it is known that it is not possible to call someone’s spirit if he is now reborn. This applies to all men that ever lived on earth. If reincarnation existed, with the souls of the dead could not be done spiritualistic séance for the simple reason that many of them now will be on the ground. I think reincarnation exists only in individual cases, as in the reborn soul is obliterated any memory of its previous existence. I think there are some cases, especially in children, when the soul separates from the body during sleep and then stirred with a memory of a previous life. Perhaps many people reading this will remember that they are dreaming of flying dream. The feeling is such as Volna bird that flies tirelessly in space, seen above ground in detail, and then waking remain lasting memories in the minds of people. But this is not a dream, and separation of voluntary child soul from the body during sleep. If possible at this time to explore the child’s body, will probably see that the pulse and respiration are subtle. In rare cases, something can prevent the soul to return again in the body. Then comes death and a possible autopsy could not find the reason that caused it.

About all psychics have permanently several spirits of the earth people. The number of spirits who are in psychic item.’s. Number of his assistants depends on the strength of his gift. He communicates mainly with one of his aides and it receives information about the person you predict. Here the question arises where the dead draw information transmitted to the seer.

According to scientists, there is a sort of universal information bank, and according to me the fate of each person is destined to still birth. Or as they say old people – what I meant.

Can anything change the destiny of man, after everything is predestined? – Yes, you can! Unfortunately, depending on whether you got the attention of someone you envy about something and decided to stop you and make your life hell by the methods of black magic.

Best spiritualistic sessions are held at night, especially in the wee hours, since then the atmosphere is free of noise. My wife and I have conducted numerous sessions with a lot of historical figures near and distant past, we have asked many different questions, which cost us hundreds of sleepless nights.

From “Meeting Evil” – Dimitar Dyankov


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