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“Career” of chick probably not due neither beauty nor intelligence and strength. Even if it comes to spicy taste or nutritional competition would benefit the dove or goose However chicken beats all feathered cousins ​​regards the first in kitchen.

Peace “Woodpecker” is known long before our era, first in front of India, then won many friends among the early European nations primarily as a voluntary egg producer.

About five hundred years BC the Romans already grown orlyatsi purposes, but use them exclusively for the production of eggs. Because you do not feed them, the birds remain thin and not the Roman gourmets delight.

Only the Greeks on the island of Kos begin to put chickens in pots. They are masters in fattening poultry. Of them later Romans learned how quickly tough chick can become fat and lean, it fed every day with less grain. Furthermore, the Greeks understand that the roast is so delicious, the less “excitement” was chicken life. And soon in yard bird appears a martyr: capon. Soon he became a favorite of all the chefs and the Middle centuries does honor to every festive menu.

Seasoned with herbs, boiled, fried or roast chicken conquered even the monastery kitchens. More so the monks were allowed to eat chicken during Lent, according to Thomas as Athens (XIII c.) Chicken is recognized as adequate food even for vegans.

Once the chicken get to the kitchen, no one likes his sex: cocks veterans end their lives in a pot for soup and young Hen – the grill. Clearly “female” are only producing eggs. Yet they lay no eggs “fatherless.” No wonder that such an attitude chickens “lose heart.” They get used to adapting to life and cease to lay eggs and deliver delicious meat.

Only once in history, trying their harness chicken in their cause, people were “plucked feathers.” This happened in 1932 during the presidential election in America. Republicans like the French King Henri IV, promised “a chicken in every pot “. But … lost the election.

The chicken is under the hood
The chicken is under the hood

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