Galina Mihaylova & Anton Ivanov

Exhibition of Hristo Ivanov

In newspaper “Borba” #252 of December 30, 1996

In memory of my father.


So Hristo Ivanov steeped in the tradition of ceramic form and its technology stands thematically based on medieval manuscripts Bulgarian Paper XIII – XIV century. Among scholars educators, zoomorphic and ornamental letters in his exhibit widely and skillfully advocated central composition with ornamental frieze. Cross, geometric center, alloys and unifies the structure, but suggests spiritual and Christian home, companion and inspirer of the national tradition. The logic of linear rhythm in harmony with the rich variations of colorful ideas and those deep, earth, gold and green, shaded values ​​each item in turn unique. The variety of techniques and compositional assemblages contain color warmth of a modern artist, duration of strong tradition in ceramic tableware .

Georgi Kostov
PhD in Art History

В-к Борба - Георги Костов

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