Economical schnitzels

Products for about 5 people, if not too much hungry ;-): 1 packet of mince (250 g.); 1 cup of water; 1 cup flour; 2 eggs; salt to taste; maybe a little cheese, maybe no cheese; onion; savory; pepper; parsley. All these things are mixed, but not until a homogeneous mixture. Pour three tablespoons or a small […]

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Coffee recipe of Zlatograd imam

Ingredients for about 2 cups: coffee; pot; sugar; cold water; ice cubes; housewife; grapes, champagne; etc… 😉 Coffee grinds long… while touching it with fingertips feel as soft velvet… and while the stove is hot… In the pot to pour a double dose of sugar and is buried in sand heated in a pot on […]

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