Bulgarian Spelling

Compliance with the following spelling is highly recommended and desirable. They favor the unhindered exchange of files (documents) and their easy and fast editing. Developed are based on Bulgarian grammar and extensive experience in the use of text editors for PCs. These are just the basic and most common rules and do not exclude respect […]

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Well, you will not find the bike … there are many casseroles cooked this material: Gyuvechi ot Inzhinera Valuable work, which saves a lot of time reading and prevents toss with new issues or topics, drivers call them there as you want… A new operating systems have built-in Cyrillic and many different keyboard layouts. And […]

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HI-COMM Magazine

Songbook “The Patriot is an endangered species in today’s Bulgaria. Yet sometimes there are people who have not lost all Bulgarian and respect and love the creations of their ancestors. Think this can be said about the creator of this site. Nowadays, when all compete to put on their sites with text latest hit of […]

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