March of the gunner

13.11.2012 by: lz3ai


March of the gunner

1. He rose , forest of steel !
Head martial doula !
Head in an angry threat
The enemy that brings war!

Chorus: Sing you our artillery
sing aloud again !
Sing thousands after her
sing along with us!

2 . Day and night in peace and happy in anxiety
we keep working folk .
Enemies meet with fire
and fellows with a brotherly salute .

Chorus …

3 . Gunner , you often falls
to hit your enemy first !
And they blow you to paint projectiles
this song will fly with us .

Chorus …

4 . And everywhere Our ​​load native infantry
us walk through forests and fields.
Our load you stop doula can grumbled ,
Its powerful equalizer “Hurrah “.

Chorus …


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  1. Петко says:

    Показване на още:
    Търя усилено музиката на песента “Мойта конна батарея”


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