Good night, smiles

15.10.2007 by: lz3ai


Good night, smiles, true and good,
Goodnight, smiles, tired from the day!
Let me in your sleep quietly burning
fire on this day, happy light.

Day big day of love and dreams
I walk, I walk, carrying heat
of sincere smiles of mothers and favorites.
What without smiles, earth day!

Life will go to two suns
their smiles forever I’m looking for, I know.
Day shines smiling, rich and dreamy,
smiles, his gentle sleep (sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep). (2)

Good night, smiles coming stars
in the sky of our world flattering honest.
Tomorrow you expect people and furrows
tomorrow awaits it difficult hectic day.

The translation is not professional and it is only to provide approximate information about the content of Bulgarian text.

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