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So I insure the first…

Much time stretched to write such things, because it seems to me that this would violate the charm and the nature of one so beautiful and sensual act. But due to the vast amount of letters I get asking you to describe the hell can (what a nice Bulgarian word … you just give it underlines spelling program;-), how exactly should be doing or how I do it (as if I did some authority in the field 😉, still decided to do it. Ham will then answer letters only URL-links, if any, continue to receive such requests letters … Cause I expect only praise on …;-) (‘m the modest …)

Hope slightly joking manner end up killing rudimentary tehnokratizm one of the most intimate human actions and feelings …

Beauty and femininity
Beauty and femininity

I sincerely hope it will not start this beautiful sacrament, which writes below a printout of this text and clock ;-).  Instead, the rustle of paper squish you better run suitable soft music, paint the room (dim, so that the ladies are usually wary of her nakedness and yet slightly because men just looking for it – they are excited mainly look and what see). Rely on your memory.

This is you
This is you

Essentially. As a good mathematician to divide it into eight “three minute moments”:

1-3 minutes 

Time for kisses. High above – in the neck, in ushetata. Often explosive act occlusion (lips, no teeth!;-) Chewy part of the ear, where there are usually earrings (gently with them, not to swallow 😉 … that some samples especially hard out … 😉 and caress the tongue of the cochlea. Suck or bite (again with lips) the upper or the lower lip (not left or right, hey!;-) Not yet …). But apparently all lips in the female body are somehow related and thus their influence complex … strengthens their circulation, which has a mirror effect on left and right … lips … and they moisturize and prepare for seriously cases.


4-6 minutes

Kisses and caresses down the body. Everything to be very gentle. Can afford to touch her ​​nipples. Enveloping lips and tongue. Pick up gently but firmly, your teeth are deeply hidden, harvested and unusable throughout. Nipples to be especially gentle. You will feel goose bumps, swell and become like juicy Razzies will be tempted to be more assertive with them, but do not do it in any case. Just wake up tension in them and keep down.


If you are a radio amateur can make them slightly as she turned round knob to tune the frequency of the radio station ;-), especially if they are already not so swollen … (do not know what it is you ladies? Come, I will show you …. 😉 

Fine tuning
Fine tuning

May be more persistent around the nipple and the rest of the chest, but with these surroundings, no matter how tempting, be careful too – remember that not knead dough … just touch them gently and lightly.

7-9 minutes

Preparing her body. Try to energize her body with your fingertips. Happens, I’ll be convinced! Particularly sensitive to touch their backbone and the waist from behind around the hips and sides. Only with your fingertips! Pressing palm neck, ran his fingers down the spine and rotate or describe loop in the waist. You will love it, as you feel how this simple touch makes her whole body is stretched sweet something like a tickle, but not exactly tickle … So with the fingertips, palms (but very gently and lightly), lips and tongue walk all over her body … from your toes to the tips of the hair. You will feel the sweet sensation that fingertips can control the reactions of her body and at some point it really work that way. But do not touch the breast or genitals! Yet, you set the difficult task of forget about them … This forgetfulness will be rewarded in the final explosion. Be the varied movements, kissing, sucking and biting (with lips!).


10-12 minutes

Skip to the cherished goal. Gently, very gently. And right on target .. stroked the inside of her thighs and around her. (not there!). Again using the tips of your fingers, lips and tongue or materials at hand – something gentle – feather and down …. Perhaps you will ask you to put it, do not do it, and continue to accumulate tensions. Feeling, though very pale as compared may be compared with some itching when you scratch around the itching, but not exactly where you itch. At least they say women (I personally I have not felt right in this situation;-) and I hope never happens to me … I’m just a hardcore heterosexual guy …)


13-15 minutes

Do not forget alphabet true that one of the most erogenous zones in a woman is her brain. Talk to her all the time while caressing her. The excitement of the mind blowing body more than any physical stimulus. Tell her what turns you on, ask her how she wants and where exactly it Gauls. Well, do not expect that she will tell you … (Women hope for us dumb men to feel their wishes and do not want to grasp that we want you to tell us exactly … but life what to do … I can do anything to us is “exactly”-) tell which part of her body you like and why. Tell her that is unique – and that’s true actually. You know her (hopefully;-) and you know what she would like (of course not talking about her why you like the new model “Vectra” or why you have “grappled” yesterday with the neighbor on the right;-)

Erogenous zones
Erogenous zones

16-18 minutes

Now the time has come to allow touching the most delicate parts of the body that are present only in women. You can suck and ‘others’ lips touch her ​​clitoris with your tongue. Make every move differently, for example, try to describe the Bulgarian, Greek or script that you are most familiar with …;-) gently stroked her clitoris with your fingers in a circular motion. Start slow and fast-paced, up until level with her ​​breathing. Do not limit yourself to the sounds that you want to issue … breathe freely and serious – it’s part of the game and also a very exciting for both you and for your partner factor. Whatever positions rotate, trying clitoris always available to you – certainly will clearly feel when I’ll have to caress and touch, and this is probably more intense in comparison with the beginning of a rough (and yet tenderness leads!). You can connect and fingers deep, try touching inside this so attractive outside triangle (well, sometimes longer only path, hearts or God knows what other style – perhaps in the form of your initials … but the place I hope you know. somewhere been “G-point”, but I find his mother … 😉 Do not disturb her if this (or someone else) your partner time it hit her idea to include the lips and tongue on specific parts of your body. This will arouse her further and you – to keep a longer erection. But do not force it to do so! Only if you own wills.


19-21 minutes

During insertion. I did once on! It is difficult to describe in detail the situation, because God knows what position it will come, but overall very useful rule is to not do it all at once. Insert only the first chapter a little irritated, get … wanted, stroke her clit with it … after a while again so – insert somewhat, get. It is not wrong to be helping hands. Nor is it helps you. But do not let it guide you gradually increase the depth here. It will asks you to do it all the way, do not respond to it. Do it slowly, gently and gradually. I know it’s hard, believe me;-) If it is possible (but make sure you do, you make her touch him alone as exciting seem side), massage all the while her clit. Surely alone will feel when the time has come for a final deep insertion. And taking account of its size – not its causes involuntary pain. But even then remember clitoris. And not be in uniform motion. Now you can afford powerful drive – at this point she wants just that. So while you finish both. Blast from the release of tension. If you can reach the bang without emptying super – you will be able to repeat again and without solid preparation so … But do not think that the woman will need at least a short break – at this point you can easily replay and come for her pain and frustration for both, rather than re-eruption of the infinite pleasure of shaking orgasm.

Hell and Paradise
Hell and Paradise

22-24 minutes

Never forget the final phase. It can last a little longer than three minutes, you will know how long it lasts reaction of her body – granted, free of residues of tension. Continue to caress, caress, kiss … At this point particularly well feel how you love your partner and how you just satisfy the primary passions. Be gentle and loving all the way if you have (and when appropriate), even while she blissfully asleep. With the proper implementation of this phase will kill some far wrong thoughts in modern women … for example, that “man is a useless appendage … your dick.” They vibrator this phase can not play it, no matter how advanced electronics … It takes a man!


Ever (in my time … Wow … if I was not a military? 😉 conducted a survey in Veliko Tarnovo what men do after sex.

  • 5% wrote that turn the other way and fall asleep;
  • 5% wrote that they were going to the bathroom;
  • 5% wrote that the so-called smoke. “Postcoital” cigarette, while the remaining –
  • 85% wrote that fold in Battle School… 😉

But I’m sure they, like me, have never neglected the last phase even at the risk of late evening check (or morning ;-).

Last phase
Last phase

I hope you understand that with such a huge amount of powerful objective and subjective factors, these “triminutki” can be neither law nor followed exactly. Factors may be:

  • What time of day is;
  • That is a very light or whether it is too dark,
  • What time you have,
  • How the initial phase of excitement start things
  • Which partner what he likes (and what it would do)
  • Where is all the work
  • What accessories are available at the moment
  • How much is tired
  • How much worry
  • Who for any time he is all sorts of others.

Well everything as you remember.

Several stories about the men who cum fast

In general this is not a medical condition, you should not bother you and is subject to these same so many factors. It is women who end quickly, but in that you think that was not bad;-). Two or three quick tips – if not approached that point of time, consider other (but unnoticed by the partner on …;-) – for example, how much is left to dishonor fully heating (but if you have not paid for a year in Okay do not think about it, you go all the erection hell;-). Another thing that might help you if you or your partner squeeze a convenient time for finger or fingers exactly this place in the head, where it is caught cuticle, sometimes sarin January. A third option (less risky and require you willpower) to tell her that you want to do the first time quickly to pass more and then maybe it safely over. Various options, but all of them must have a great understanding of your partner. Besides you will be calm, when you think that in the end you’re not one “organ” her! Well, tongue, lips, fingers … can force it to do when not even particularly imaginative in almost every part of your body.

Any other questions?
Any other questions?

Other burning issues that are often asked me …

How often?

What if they ask me every day at least once …;-) But I have heard that two or three times a week was normal. Again, many factors enter – dwelling cohabitants in the room, etc. … but not bad to do wherever and whenever the opportunity arises. Well, with whom he falls on …;-) I hope at least. Or not the department in the National Assembly during the debate … wrong place somehow… 😉 Still claim for legal state.

And of course – with the obligatory nowadays hygiene habits and attributes.

Everywhere ...
Everywhere …

Does size matter?

In general, no. Or at least not significantly. Or it may be offset by other things. In other cases it may be too – you have to be careful with that. In any case, with time and with the required consistency (on partner) things may caster.


Does forbidden things in sex?

I think not. As long as you both love partners. Binding of both however. If you want something that the other does not like, just forget about it. No wonder when this “selflessness” (without of course nagging that you do intentionally) one day your partner ask yourself what you have fantasized.

A non-standard things in sex?

Hey, sorry here … I have no experience in these things … contact’s friend-)

For other “sizzling” questions I have enough information on the Internet and everywhere …

Good Luck!
Good Luck!

Ultimately, do not take things exactly as you filed them – I’m still not a sexologist or any expert in this area.

Just an ordinary one average Bulgarian.

Love and respect the average Bulgarian, because she deserves even more than that…

Otherwise it will find replacements and our costs more 😉

I wish you success and groundbreaking experiments in a pleasant thrill!

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