Blagovets, Blagoveshtenie, Annunciation, Annunciation Day

(March 25) Tonight we are visiting: Blagoĭ, Blago, Blaga, Blagovest, Blagovesta, Bonka, Boncho, Marian, Mariana, Mariyan, Mariyana. Virgin appeared the archangel Gabriel Mother’s Day It is believed that today come spring birds and nature finally awakens. Morning everyone must leave the house stuffed with money in your pocket. Required hostess prepared “Ribnik” – baked fish...

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Galina the Martyr

(March 10) Tonight we are guests of Galin, Galina, Galena, Galya, Genoveva. St. Galina On March 10, the Orthodox Church commemorates the St. Galina the Martyr. According to some beliefs name originates from the ancient “Gaul”, which means dark and healthy. In ancient times, swarthy men were more loved because pallor was considered an illness. (more…) Click:FacebookTwitterLinkedInPrintEmail
March 10th, 2019 by lz3ai 

Liberation of Bulgaria from Ottoman rule

Wake up, slaves, I do not want oxbow! (March 3) National Day of the Republic of Bulgaria. Liberation of Bulgaria from Ottoman rule. The peace treaty of San Stefano was signed In 1878, according to which the Bulgarian principality was restored as an independent state. Click:FacebookTwitterLinkedInPrintEmail
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Student’s Day

(December 8) The day of enlightener – Sv. Kliment Ohridski. The day of students. The day of Sofia University. (more…) Click:FacebookTwitterLinkedInPrintEmail
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St. Nicholas

(December 6) Tonight we are guests of Nikola, Nenka, Nico (winner), Nicolas (winner), Nikolai (winner), Nikolina (winner), Nina Nice. Saint Nicholas is celebrated as the master of rivers and seas and patron of the seas, sailors and fishermen. Prepare a carp, which according to legend is the “servant” of the saint. Fish filled with rice, bulgur, walnuts, onions and raisins. Wrap and bake...

December 6th, 2018 by lz3ai 

Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael (The Day of Michael) (November 8) Tonight we are guests of the Angel (messenger), Angelina (messenger), Archangel (chief angel) Gabriel (God’s fort), Gabriel, Emil, Emilia (rival), Emiliana (rival), Emilian (rival), Lina, Mila Milen, Milena, Milio, Michael, Michaela, Michael (God), Plamen, Rada, Radka, Radivoy, Radko, Radoslav, Radostin, Raiko, Raina, Raycho, Rangel, Raphael,...

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St. Demetrios

(26 October) Tonight we are visiting Dimitrina (fertile), Dimitar (fertile), Dima, Dimo, Dimka, Dragan (kind, loving), Dragana, Mitko, Mitra. St. Demetrios Ritual table: cake with apples, stew rooster sacrifice of sheep meat. The celebration, called Mitrovden in folk marks the beginning of winter, “St. George summer brings St. Demetrius – winter.” Sv. Dimitar rides a red horse and...

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St. Petka

(14 October) Tonight we are guests of Paraskeva, Penka, Pentcho, Petka, Petko, Penyo, Petko. St. Petka Day is the symbolic end of the marketing year, right now everything must be stowed and farmers begin to settled with employees for summer workers. Petkovden of it and fertilization of domestic animals, known as “marlene” or “sheep’s wedding.” Today and make an offering...

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World Day of Aviation and Cosmonautics

Today, April 12, we celebrate the World Day of Aviation and Cosmonautics. Satelite And celebrate 54 years of the flight of Yuri Gagarin into space. On April 12, 1961 at 9.07 hours Moscow time from the Baikonur “cosmodrome” off spacecraft “Vostok” with pilot-cosmonaut Yuriy Gagarin. The ship made one orbit the Earth for 108 minutes. Two days later, Gagarin was officially welcomed...

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12 useful tips that will help you to learn to drink more water

Water is life Water is life. There is no dispute. Even who does not know it realizes that this is so. But now we will share with you several proven in practice advice to drink more water. Why do we need this? Answer yourself the question “How much water I drink per day?” And you will see that the needs of these tips. Very often the answer is “What if coffee is considered to be water,...

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