Disturbances in the Aura

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Integrity of the aura may be impaired by the following effects:



– Energy informative influence – Focused psychological impact on other people /evil eye, curse ritual, magic effects/;

Example 1

Image 1

Image 1

Image 2

Image 2

Images 1 and 2 are diagnosing 25 year old girl with a schizophrenic abnormalities.

The aura is with breakthroughs in the first, second , sixth and seventh chakras.

Blocked at the first and seventh chakras monitor program for the destruction of man. Closing in connection with the information field of space and connecting with the energy of the Earth. Healthy person suddenly dies.

Block in the seventh chakra leads to zombie /execute an embedded program/ ​​mental disorders, headaches, unclear thinking, and suicidal thoughts.

From breakthroughs in the head ran psychic energy, which leads to personality disorder.

Porazenite sections of biofield niskoastralni allow entities to enter the injured man and later he began to hallucinate.

Diagnostic clearly visible and programs to destruction. Image 1 – triangle on hold negative energy program – top left. Image 2 – behind your head – the distortion of the biofield with tip. In the lower part of the two images in the ankles was observed collapse of the immune system, indicating that the body is not able alone to overcome this condition.

Image 3

Image 3

Image of 3 shows impaired performance of internal organs and systems of the affected girl. The energy balance of the left and right side is highly disturbed.

Congestive processes in the left half are clearly expressed in all organs and systems – respiratory system, immune system, nervous system, genitourinary system and urinary, spine digestion, heart, endocrine system, and in the area of the throat, jaw and head.

The operation of the left half of the body gradually over time and affect the operation of the right half, where the process is close to the lower limit of normal.

Image 4

Image 4

Image 5

Image 5

Images 4 and 5 – control measurements five days after correction.

There is a total recovery of aura – increase the volume, filling the affected areas with energy.

Removed the program in the head above the left and a decrease in program behind your head in the right image.

Fully restored immune system, which means that the unit of self biofield is up and running.

As the head continues the process of filling the empty sections of the aura.

Confidence of the girl is raised, vague thoughts have disappeared, are restored and biorhythms of the body.

Image 6

Image 6

Image 6 – Energy level diagram of internal organs and systems five days after correction of the affected girl.

From this image we can see that five days after correction of the condition improves the affected organ systems and balance the energies in the left and right halves of the body, approaching normal.

Red – previous diagnosis

Blue – last diagnosis

Image 7

Image 7

Here we see improved performance after correction of the chakras, which is due to the recovery of the aura.

Blue – first recording

Red – after correction

Example 2

Image 8

Image 8

Image 8 shows the aura of a 45 year old man 24 hours after adjustment of status, the man got into the dubious business scheme lady, resulting in lost money.

Diagnosis showed block in the Seventh Chakra /zombie/ block in the projection of the Sixth Chakra /vague thoughts/ energy current leakage first and second chakras in the spine, resulting in the received power plug in these chakras and taken sexual possibilities of man.

The adjustment of the state adjusted to fill the empty areas of the bio-field , which is captured at the time of diagnosis .

Image 9

Image 9

Here is shown the operation of the internal organs and systems of patient, 24 hours after the correction of the condition.
From the diagram appears hyperfunction of the energy in the affected areas – endocrine and genitourinary system.

Image 10

Image 10

Image 10 shows the control measurements of the patient 4 days after the correction, which shows that the programs in the seventh and sixth chakras are missing. Energy leakage by spine removed. Energy plug first and second chakra is in the process of recovery.

The patient is lucid awareness of the situation and motivation to continue treatment.

Image 11

Image 11

Image 11 is a diagnosis of internal organ systems, four days after correction and shows balancing internal energy – reducing hyperfunction in endocrine and genitourinary systems and increased energy in other organs and systems. The recovery process continues.

Red – first measurement

Blue – control after correction

Example 3

Image 12

Image 12

Image 12 see diagnostic work Chakras 42 year old businessman suffered bankruptcy.

Understated work the second and third chakras leads to the suspension of cash flows to man.

Poor job of Fifth and Sixth Chakra minimizing creative potential and create conditions for making wrong decisions in all areas of the personality.

Image 13

Image 13

Image 13 shows the status of the victim biofield businessman – introduced programs in the rear left and right, empty stretch of aura in the First Chakra /disconnected with the land/ crash immune system, which renders the body itself cope with the situation.

Image  14

Image 14

Image 14 is a diagram of the energy situation of internal organs and systems of the same businessman, which shows that almost all body functions are declining, and the nervous system is approached their energy to the critical limit.

After a diagnosis is not the man wanted correction of the condition.

– Effects of technogenic character – electrical household appliances, computers, televisions, microwaves, computers, mobile phones and more;

After one minute call on a mobile phone , the biofield is restored within one hour.

After an hour of computer work , biofield needs eight hours of recovery.

Example 4

Image  15

Image 15

Images 15, 16 and 17 show the aura of TV presenter during the air in terms of electromagnetic radiation.

Image 16

Image 16


Image 17

Image 17


Example 5

Image 18

Image 18

Biofield wife after eight hours of work on a computer in a public office.

Image 19

Image 19


Image 20

Image 20


Image 21

Image 21

In image 19, 20 and 21 we see the same woman biofield ten minute grounding and correction of the condition.

Image 22

Image 22

Chart 22 shows an image of internal work organs and systems of women before and after correction.

Electromagnetic radiation has undergone right half of the biofield, which led to an overactive endocrine, immune and digestive systems.

The power imbalance between the two halves leads to discomfort and serious health problems.

Blue – first measurement

Red color – measurement after correction

– Negative biofields of the surrounding – in cohabitation , stay socially dysfunctional people and others;

Example 6

Image 23

Image 23

Image 24

Image 24

Images 23 and 24 are the diagnosis of a married couple, respectively, a wife is 23 and 24 is an image of her husband. Distortion biofield top right behind your head due to hold negative energy that distortion in both diagnosis is the same and is transmitted from one spouse to the other, so the winners of the program both spouses.

Image 25

Image 25

Image 25 shows the operation of the chakras of both spouses. From this it appeared that the pattern of operation of energy centers is the same and spouses share the same fate.

Implemented a program of images 23 and 24 is in the control room management fifth chakra and leads to reduced function of the chakra itself, which is evidenced by this diagnosis .

Little difference was observed in the work of the seventh chakra , which when wife works a little better and influence the work of the Sixth Chakra. The woman in this case has a higher degree of spirituality of his wife.

Red – Diagnostic wife

Blue – diagnostic husband

Image 26

Image 26

Image 26 shows almost the same energy state of the internal organs and systems of the spouses. Equal work of the digestive system, endocrine system, circulatory system, excretory system, heart , etc.

Red – diagram wife

Blue – diagram husband

Wife has a high power level, as shown by studies conducted in life and its role is dominant. Its higher energy allows it to impose its opinion to achieve their goals and plans for family and directly governed by the actions of her husband at his will and desires. In fact, she did it the way it had still needed – obedient without their own opinions and voice acting all she thinks is right, entering one hundred percent in his personal space .

Her husband is a zombie to such an extent that everything consult her without her consent, he did not take the slightest action even everyday .

Example 7

Image 27

Image 27

Picture 27 shows the operation of the chakras of fifty-eight year old mother and her daughter, whose age is thirty-five years.

Of making the diagnosis shows that the energy centers are the same model work /almost like the same person/ what can be done following conclusion – children repeat the fate of their parents!

Red – diagnosis of the mother

Blue – diagnostic daughter

Examination of the mother is made within thirty minutes of that of the daughter.

Image 28

Image 28

Image 28 is a diagram of the energy state of the internal organs and systems of the mother and daughter .

This situation is analogous to image 27 and observed almost uniform energy state of the two women, which means that the blocks are transferred and physical level and daughter at a time can trigger diseases of the mother. Energodefitsitat observed in the same organs and systems.

Red – diagnosis of the mother

Blue – diagnostic daughter

– Geopathogenic areas – network Hartmann and Curie;

– Homes with impaired energy informative environment – inhabited by drunks , brawlers , people with low passions and others.

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    Много състояния активира тръпнене, измрезване, болка-силна, сърбеж…..

    главоболие, силно, в различни области на главата……

    постоянно ми обяснавя какво ми причинява и че няма да се спре докато не ме разкодира и не ме превърне в нещо друго, и че ще ме командва….

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    друга йена пък като се опитах да говоря с нея, усетих как нещо ме отблъсква от нея,,,енергиино поле, това за първи път ми се случва…….

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    изживях и няколко състояния на МНИПУЛАЦИИ, които ми състави като се предсрави за злото и че ако не се самоубия, ще имам родово проклятие и ще умрат мои близки……..

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