I love you, Motherland

Elisaveta Bagryana I love you, my motherland, spring, For green ornaments And with colorful flowers, budding In the first sunny day. I love you, when summer corn overlaid And boil harvest in the fields, And you breathe Morn. I love you when you fall Under a clear sky Collect fruits with a song Working people. I love you and winter – white With deep snow, When you again blossomed, But snow colors. When,...

October 15th, 2010 by lz3ai 

Lazarus song

Lazarus song (To Toddler) Record Georgi Rakovski My child is asleep In gilded Cradle. Mom woke him: Arise, arise child, To see Lazarus How nice lazaruva. Sewn skirts waving, Yellow slippers tapping. Click:FacebookTwitterLinkedInPrintEmail
December 31st, 2009 by lz3ai 

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