Outdoor or indoor antenna? To buy or to do?

Making of antenna is a simple job that describes three activities: – Cutting of rods and cables; – Rasp, etc.; – Turning screws and nuts. (The book also wrote by the same way – press the keys in determined sequence.) The Faraday cage 64 channel Why the large antennas are external and “very cool catch”? (And also they are more expansive, ’cause they do most...

March 11th, 2015 by lz3ai 

Metodology to find the location of an indoor antenna for “digital” TV

Instead of introduction Well … I told the teacher Nikola Lazarov from that school that is located at the intersection of the streets “Shipka” and “Brothers Evlogy and Hristo Georgiev” – “the spread of FM is God’s work”. Why do God’s work ? Because ideally under direct vision communication ( reception ) was released , and in the presence of...

November 22nd, 2013 by lz3ai 

For friends and beer or… how to make antenna for all terrestrial television

Many TV viewers (we not talking about cable) are faced with the problem that is “caught” one or another program, but not all from one location and with the same antenna. So how started the whole story. In the beginning was the the beer … It started like all good things – word of mouth on the table! I have a friend, who called Anton, LZ3AI, or when he get to work – else....

January 14th, 2009 by lz3ai 

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