Tarnovo Man Paints the Pottery a Medieval Monk

Hristo Ivanov paint their ceramic pottery, following the ancient tradition. In memory of my father For longtime professor at the University of Veliko Tarnovo Hristo Ivanov line pattern is the most important. It should be beautiful, elegant and clean , otherwise lost work. The artist is a graduate graphic with Prof. Alexander Poplilov, but 15 years is fond of ceramics. Hristo Ivanov in Malki Chiflik ...

June 2nd, 2007 by lz3ai 

Exhibition decorative ceramics, sgraffito

In memory of my father My father (13 March 1930 – 25 May 2003) was the person whum remember … always with good things … and hopefully whum long remember. In his memory publish here excerpts from articles in various newspapers and magazines. Hristo Ivanov For years, the artist Christo Ivanov ambitious and relentlessly develops its former dream – ceramics. Closed in the cozy...

June 2nd, 2007 by lz3ai 

Modern artist continues the tradition

Newspaper “Borba” The exhibition of Hristo Ivanov – an event in the cultural life of Veliko Tarnovo For years, the artist Hristo Ivanov ambitious and relentlessly develops its former dream – ceramics. Closed in the cozy little studio in Malki Chiflik, permitting a few friends to the “sanctuary” seek the views and support them, enjoying the courage that he felt these...

February 4th, 2001 by lz3ai 

In the studio of the artist

In newspaper “Borba”, January 19, 1999 Unique ceramic plate was purchased by famous Tarnovo woman through “Internet” Bulgarians today more than ever needs spirituality manifest Applied Arts artist Hristo Ivanov. Exhibition Poster On “health reasons” Veliko Turnovo artist Hristo Ivanov recently was forced to give the little ceramic sculpture. And a merry quirk –...

January 19th, 1999 by lz3ai 

Atheist weaving crosses on ceramic plates

Newspaper “Zhalt Trud”, issue 7, February 14, 1997 In house room style “gypsy cart” Rhodope bells ringing among hundreds of pottery lives tarnovets Hristo Ivanov. He graduated graphic and has taught students of fine arts at the University “St. Cyril and Methodius”. All graduates are visited at his home before the start in life and profession. Pottery (more…) Click:FacebookTwitterLinkedInPrintEmail
February 14th, 1997 by lz3ai 

Hristo Ivanov opens Exhibition

Hristo Ivanov opens Exhibition Pottery Today at 17.30 in the exhibition complex on “The exhibitions” in Veliko Tarnovo will open the third solo exhibition of ceramics, sgraffito artist Hristo Ivanov. Will be presented over 100 decorative plates, stands for pots (pots), pots of beans, pottery for placing umbrellas, casseroles, vases, masterfully resolved after 10 years of work and own technical...

February 4th, 1997 by lz3ai 

Exhibition of Hristo Ivanov

In newspaper “Borba” #252 of December 30, 1996 In memory of my father. Pottery So Hristo Ivanov steeped in the tradition of ceramic form and its technology stands thematically based on medieval manuscripts Bulgarian Paper XIII – XIV century. Among scholars educators, zoomorphic and ornamental letters in his exhibit widely and skillfully advocated central composition with ornamental...

December 30th, 1996 by lz3ai 

“I’m gnarly, but do not like to serve”

After the life-mill 60 years old ceramic artist Hristo Ivanov said there are talented people, but without confidence. “I’m gnarly, but do not like to serve” Hristo Ivanov And he to be free, 10 years ago touched woodcarving chisel, but his thread created problems and then decided to tackle the ceramic. (more…) Click:FacebookTwitterLinkedInPrintEmail
June 24th, 1994 by lz3ai 

Poster exhibition of Hristo Ivanov

Importance of Veliko Tarnovo with its unique appearance as a center of arts is growing. Along with the natural orientation of the artists to the historic theme here live and work schedules many constituting a substantial part of the UBA. Along with artistic graphics developed and implemented. Proof of this is the exhibition of prilozhnika schedule Hristo Ivanov. It offers a variety of creative expressions...

April 24th, 1971 by lz3ai 

Poster Exhibition

In newspaper “Borba”, 1970 In honor of the great anniversary Yesterday at the salon of UBA opened district poster exhibition dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Lenin. This first-ever event is an initiative of the poster from the Veliko Tarnovo group of artists. Various subjects related to personality and the anniversary of the birth of Lenin, subject to the attention of artists . Competent...

February 4th, 1970 by lz3ai