Panegyric To Women

Hristo Fotev (b. 1934) Oh those who blessed my lonely life, those who so graciously approached me, – you made me live and made me strive, … you taught me how to love and coached me… (more…) Click:FacebookTwitterLinkedInPrintEmail
April 24th, 2007 by lz3ai 

My Friends

I do not need a lot of friends …. I’ve had two – three. But such that in their hearts wounds of my pains have. But such that their joys in my eyes shine! In my rare and difficult holidays their songs to sing … But those that crow you quack, Thunder strikes you, you darkened world even in his grave to know that someone dug the earth to get you out! Click:FacebookTwitterLinkedInPrintEmail
April 23rd, 2007 by lz3ai 


General Recommendations. And as before we call features. Not descend into polemics which term is correct, I prefer recommendation. I recommend! In the Western world (excluding the U.S.) providing recommendations is fairly common with relatively standardized procedure. Americans typically practical, often refuse to provide advice because of the growing number of lawsuits filed by former employees due...

April 23rd, 2007 by lz3ai 

The Children

Children are our precious wealth. Now they are grown men and ladies, but … For us they are children, the same and equal… Here they are ordered… by PIN: Aleksander І or Sasho Michail or Mike Aleksander ІI or Sashko Emily or Mushik Maria-Desislava or Dessik I pointed the arrangement, becouse you do not to wonder why the ladies were so last ordered… certainly...

April 23rd, 2007 by lz3ai 

HI-COMM Magazine

Songbook “The Patriot is an endangered species in today’s Bulgaria. Yet sometimes there are people who have not lost all Bulgarian and respect and love the creations of their ancestors. Think this can be said about the creator of this site. Nowadays, when all compete to put on their sites with text latest hit of Puff Daddy (or Kondyo) as he dared to share with us the text of the Bulgarian...

April 21st, 2007 by lz3ai 


  Date of birth 22.12-20-01 Zodiac Sign Capricorn Latin Name Capricorn Constellation Graphic Sign Zodiac Sign Character traits women Purposefulness Character traits women Secrecy Character traits women Bashfulness Character traits women Independence Character traits men Endurance Character traits men Ambition Character traits men Purposefulness Character traits...

April 20th, 2007 by lz3ai 

Short Dream Dictionary

If you dream : You can expect: shark problems midwife long illness album encounter angel success in your endeavors pie being drum slander, gossip abyss ruin pearls tears fight – fight someone feud disease long health beard – thick gain beard – as you shave loss ford in the river trouble Beach quiet life bottle news owl trouble wagon disease chain...

April 20th, 2007 by lz3ai